In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall.”

Rad Blog,

This is a daily prompt post. It was yesterday’s so here it goes. It poses the question that your blog is a mirror. What does it show about you? It goes to mention the posts, bio, theme, header, whatever. Anything on it.

So, this is basically me. I think I’ve said it before that the Rad Blog is me and you (the reader). It is me because everything I post here has something to do with myself. These bloggy things are all my thoughts. They might be wrong to some, but they are mine. When I write about how hopeless I feel, it is how I;m feeling at that moment. When I write about good things, I am celebrating whatever good comes my way.

Now, this isn’t just me. It is you as well. You, the read, must care somewhat about me to be reading this blog. You must have been interested in whatever I posted. Most of my views come from my drink reactions so either people are looking for info on a drink I had or a picture. Whatever! They had an interest. It was my interest too. That’s why I wrote about it. I wrote it for me, but when a reader comes to check it out, it is about them too. They wanna know how Shaq Fu Punch tastes because they saw it somewhere like Tumblar or Readit or even the store.

The same thing goes for these daily prompts. I write about some of them because they were interesting to me. You come to read them because you wanted to see what someone else things about the subject. It all goes hand-in-hand.

The title of this blog is The Rad Blog. Why is it that? I’m Chas Rad. This is the Rad Blog. That’s how it is. Rad life is iight.

That could be my site tagline, but this these doesn’t display them.

That’s another thing! The prompt asked what my theme means to me. This theme is called Canard. I thought it was funny because “Canard” means “Duck” in French. Apparently, it means something completely different in English. Anyhow, it is a decent theme. The layout is how I like it for the posts. The sidebars are present. There’s social buttons at the top which modernize it. It is an overall nice theme. It lets me use a purple as well which is a plus since I like purple the best.

The lack of header shows I’m not good at art. I wanted to make something for it once, but I don’t really have a good photo editing program to make anything and besides, copyrighted images would get me in trouble. That’s why I upload my own images now and link to images I find online in my wording. I suppose I could take a picture, but it wouldn’t mean anything to me. I keep it as the solid black. It works. This blog is for reading anyway.

My bio. It is…something. I have edited it a bunch of times and deleted the entire page too. The current bio doesn’t really do anything for me. I’m not even 100% sure what it says honestly. I’ll look. Fine! Wait. It is not a bio. It is an about page. Yep. I don’t even have a bio. The blog is my bio.

The about page is basically a summary of most of my posts here. It sorta tells who I am and it sorta tells what this this blog is about to readers. I know the About page should be very important, but I was never trying to popularize this blog. Most people don’t even read the About page anyway. I look at the stats. Everyone comes for my Lady Liber-tea post these days. They used to come for my Pokemon posts until I took them down or made it private or whatever I did.

So, the Rad Blog is basically a mirror of myself. This is who I am and most people are only interested in the drinks I had. No worries.

A lot of people don’t like what they see in the mirror. It isn’t really a question of do I like what I see, but rather can I tolerate it.

More posts coming. I feel like writing a bit today.

See ya, Rad Blog.