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Today is a Friday. We, we, so excited.


I think I’d prefer it if the actual words were “oui, oui, so excited.” It would make a little more sense in a senseless song. Do people still listen to her? What in the world is Rebeca Black up to these days? It really has been a very long time since I wrote that post on “Friday” where I criticized pretty much everything. I was a different writer back then.


Art sent me a post a few days ago where some guy reviewed some Need For Speed game which really mimicked my style. Maybe I’m mimicking him. The difference between him and me is that he gets paid. Most people thought he was super unprofessional. I suppose if you’re getting paid that short, choppy sentences (sometimes with one or two words) aren’t exactly journalistic masterpieces. This blog is really informal and I don’t really care about how my sentence structure looks like to readers. If they don’t like it, they do not have to read. I never was forcing them anyway.

This guy, though, pretty much wrote like a Whiterun guard who is amazed by curved swords.


The hurricane is almost here. Is it here yet? I think it is supposed to be here on the weekend. Oh. It is coming up to Florida right now. I think these rains are just the renegades that decided to come with the hurricane. Notice I am not using the name of this hurricane. That is because I do not know how to spell it despite seeing the name like two seconds ago when searching “hurricane tracker” on Bing. Yes. I use Bing. Got a problem with that? I like getting 5 dollar gift cards to Starbucks/Burger King/Amazon sometimes.


I think this is going to be one of my Siberia posts since I’m at work and there’s either A: Nothing to do today or B:The person that brings the jobs for the day can’t be bothered to walk across the quad in the rain and heavy winds. I think it might be a little of both. I probably have like two things ready to do today, and if they come I will most certainly do them. My busy days seem to be Monday through Wednesday. Thursday is hit or miss and Friday is well, like this. Luckily I got a parking space near the building today so the walk isn’t too bad. Yesterday I had to park in the lot furthest from the building, which I don’t normally mind. I like the walk. In the pre-hurricane conditions? Well, not so much.


If this is gonna be one of my Siberia posts, then I need to touch on everything like I did before. Obviously, I can’t do Podcasts or a Mobile Update since the Radscast is dead and I’m not on my phone to type this. Chas Update!


Okay, uh, the blog hasn’t really changed at all. I did swap some widgets around a while ago, but that isn’t really a concern. I added my YouTube page up top again when I decided to make videos.


Speaking of which! Video links! Ah ha! I can do that!





Hopefully those won’t show up as code. Those are my newest videos if you haven’t seen em yet. I need to record more which I’ll probably do…hmm. This weekend? Maybe. Today? Could be.


I have decided I will not do every single post type and just the ones I feel like doing. I was actually planning on a Drink Reaction today. I have two drinks sitting in the fridge at home. These won’t be great reactions. I got an original Monster and an original RockStar energy drink. I am doing them so I can try their many other varieties in the future. I know I have already done Monster Rehab, but that is different. That has tea in it. I’m talking about the citrus Monster or the new RockStar with juice in it. I feel like I gotta try the originals to be able to say if the flavoured ones are crap or not. At this point, I’m pretty sure nothing can outdo the original Hard Rock one. My word was it bad.


The RockStar drink will be a Now and Then reaction. I won’t write too much about it now because then I won’t have much to say come the actual reaction.

That counts as a Chas Update, yeah?


Sports! I can do that too. So, you might have recently seen on my Birdman and this blog that I have become a turncoat. Yes. That’s right. My loyalty to Villa has fallen. I’ll be brief on it. I cannot support a team which I don’t agree with its direction. I was hesitant with how things have changed. I was accepting them before, but the team and the football made me miserable. Why should I submit to that misery? Honour? To support my club? The main reason why people don’t support clubs like Villa are because they don’t win trophies. I’m not that vain. I think Villa has had a losing mentality that the PR spin doctors have tried to show as change for the last few years. Yeah, yeah. I know it is early, but I don’t wanna take it anymore. The player’s attitudes seem really crap as well. I’ve moved on to a team that’s on the rise. I see the fight in them.


I know that this completely destroys my credibility as a fan. I’m now no better than someone that supported Chelsea but gave up on them because of their recent form and has now become a ManU fan. I’m just not in that “tier,” which is a word I hate by the way. I don’t really care. I should be happy with football. I don’t expect Leicester to win trophies. I just expect them to care and play. They’ve done it so far. I’m on board with it. Their fans seem pretty decent, but then again I haven’t been around long enough to really know.


So, yeah, “tier.” Why do I hate it?


Okay. the word “tier” basically means rank. At the base it doesn’t really mean anything. The connotation is what I dislike.


Every video game has different items or strategies you can use to play. Heck, there are even different classes or characters too that make the game completely different. That’s what I like most about playing them.


Then there are “tiers,” which people use to decide the best way to play/beat the game.


I’ll cite a few games for this.


My main point is, why do tiers have to matter so much? Everything is a competition these days. That’s how socialized gaming works these days.


Payday 2 is a game I play a lot and there’s plenty of guns and skills. I currently use a Mastermind/Technician set. Why do I do that? I like the Inspire skill because I like reviving my teammates as well as making them run faster. I also like using the trip mines to open doors or just generally blowing up the enemies. Some people would agree with this, but others would think I’m not building it right. Some would even classify my style as a lower tier. The weapons I use are whatever I feel like at the time. I might use a sniper. I might use my Lion’s Roar. I might even use the automatic shotgun. I don’t care which does the most damage. If I feel like using it, then I use it. Then again, I don’t play on Deathwish so I have no room to talk. Whatever.


Then there’s a game like Super Smash Bros which has a ton of characters, but only a handful are any good. The top tier people use these specific characters while the lower tier characters get no love. I used to play the Smash Bros games for fun until it got all about being the best. Now I don’t even want to bother with the new one. I played the demo on a 3DS.


I suppose it isn’t the whole “tier” thing that bothers me but the whole “everything is a competition” vibe games get these days. I’m not a gamer so I guess I don’t really understand it or can’t understand it. I just wanna have fun when I play.


This is why I think Gildem, Owlflame, and I are a unique group. Owlflame is very much into game design and games in general. He is absolutely the type of player that follows the tiers and whatever. He rates games based on core aspects of whatever. Gildem is pretty moderate. He knows gaming, but also plays to have fun. Me? I’m clueless and happy. I spent freakin hours on a game where you sell clothes on my phone. You get the best of all worlds with us. Owlflame might think I’m some filthy casual and I think he’s too critical, but if you look at all of our views together, you can see a game for what it truly is.


Also, because of my views, I hardly review anything. My reviews cannot be taken as credible because of my bias and because I don’t really look into things. If I think the game is fun, then I play it. If I think it is a lot of work/reading, then I don’t bother with it. I’ll say this: if I am not understanding what I’m doing on the easiest difficulty, then I’m probably not having fun.


Enough about games, yeah?

I have this cut on my finger that like right along the nail. It isn’t underneath it the nail, but like right where the nail ends. It freakin sucks.


I might stream again soon. I was streaming something recently, but no one came to watch it. I forget what I was playing. Terraria! That’s it. Jonny C and I were playing it a while ago and we had this awesome world. He was mining and finding all this stuff while I was exploring the upperworld and killing stuff with my boomerang.


Didn’t I say enough about games?


I haven’t done the daily prompts in a while because I haven’t liked them. Today’s was something like write a memorial of a place of your childhood that you loved. I don’t really have that sort of place. There wasn’t like a park or something that I loved going to all the time when I was a kiddo.


I should do a Top 10 something. I haven’t done one since…the first Siberia post?


Top 10 places I wanna visit? It sounds really cliche, but whatever! Ah! I’ll do Top 10 places in video games I wanna visit. That’ll be cool.



Here we go! Top 10 Places I’d Like To Visit In Video Games.


This is a list of places I think are pretty rad and wanna see if I could. Sorry, this is a personal list. If you happen to agree with things on it, then we have a cool compatibility. If I don’t include a place you like, sorry. I either haven’t played the game or don’t like it as much as you do. If I have somewhere you hate, then sorry again. We just don’t match.

Solitude, The Citadel,

10: Santa Destroy– No More Heroes

It isn’t all that much, but the town itself is near a beach and it is pretty quiet. There’s a Burger Suplex which might be good eatin’. I think No More Heroes 2 revamped it, but I haven’t gotten around to play it.


9: Fortune City– Dead Rising 2

Yeah yeah, I know. It is overrun by zombies and probably blown up, but it looked pretty awesome in its heyday! This place is basically a mall, but Vegas style. I’d love to see all the places without worrying about getting killed by zombies.


8: Glitzville– Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

I know there isn’t much to do here, but going to that big arena to watch a battle sounds pretty cool. Plus, it is a floating city in the sky. There’s probably more to it than what the game let’s you go in too.


7: Goldenrod City– Pokemon Soul Silver/ Heart Gold

This is one of the most bustling cities in the Pokemon universe. I have always liked Goldenrod for it’s centralness, but also it has a lot of good stuff. The game corner seems kinda fun. I’d waste all my money there. It is also close to the park, the forest, and the daycare center. Oh yeah, the radio tower too!


6: Val Royeaux– Dragon Age

When I played Dragon Age Origins, I learned about Orlais. The people sounded/looked fancy and French. The city itself is pretty colourful. I haven’t played Inquisition to see much of it, but I’d still like to have a visit based off how the NPCs describe it.


5: Bumbly Beach– Roller Coaster Tycoon

This is probably my favourite scenario in the game and I guess it reminds me of where I live. It is a medium sized park off the beach. That’s basically the boardwalk parks here. I like it because it is just enough room for me to make a cool park out of it. The place itself is kinda bland, but it can be developed into something really rad.

4: Level 3– Streets of Rage 2

How can a whole level be a place? Well, it is like an amusement park…sorta. I’m not quite sure what it is to be honest. What I do know is it is freaking rad! I think there’s an amusement park, but there’s an arcade and a cool pirate ship and some freaky alien world. When it isn’t inhabited by people that want to beat the crap outta me, I’m sure it is a pretty safe place.


3: Town– Animal Crossing Wild World

I love Animal Crossing. I miss Wild World so much. I cannot play it because the game freezes as soon as I load anything. I think the game is bad or something. Anyway, I’d love to come and visit my town in Wild World. It had all the cool people like Cyrano and Apollo.


2: Solitude– The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

It might be my Imperial bias, but I think Solitude is the finest place in Skyrim. The town itself is perched in the mountains with a really good aquatic view as well as a nice mountainous view. There’s plenty of sights in the city as well. The Blue Palace looks great from a distance. The Bard’s College would be a nice place to hear some music. Maybe I might be able to rent Proudspire? Eh?


1: The Citadel– Mass Effect

The Citadel is huge! There’s so many people there and from what I saw in Mass Effect 3, it is a pretty happening place. It would probably take years just trying all the food vendors that are probably there. Plus, this is a city on ancient construction. Sure the whole place is destroyed post Mass Effect 3, but I’m talking about heydays, man!


That’s it with that list. That took way longer than I thought it would.


I cannot possibly write anymore. I’m out of ideas with that list. I’ll just post this even though I’m not done here. Oh well!


See ya!