In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “When Childhood Ends.”

Evenin’ Rad Blog.

So, I wanted to take some time and respond to this prompt. It asks something like when did I realize I was no longer a child and what or which events made me realize I needed to grow up. Preposition.

There’s tons of songs on this topic. I think I may have touched on this before in posts long ago, but I’ll write about it now because I have been feeling lackluster and the Rad Blog needs some attention.

What exactly is growing up anyway? Is it taking responsibility for your actions? Is it being able to care and fend for one’s self? If that is true, then there’s plenty of people that haven’t grown up at all including myself.

I think growing up is more of a realization of everything. There’s plenty of posts on things people do that makes them more grown up like reading the news or going to bed around 10 PM. Those aren’t grown up things. No. I couldn’t care less what Doland Trumpet does. I go to bed around 2 AM and get up for work at 9. Am I tired? Yeah! Do I deal with it? You betcha. I function just fine. I might be sluggish looking, but the work gets done.

Anyhow, this doesn’t even work. There’s plenty of dudes (and dudettes) out there that work nights or late afternoons. Going to bed at 10 PM is a choice. Reading the news is a choice. Eating healthy is a choice. Having children is a choice.

It is about realizing things. It is about saying “I’m going to go to bed at 2 AM even if I have to go to work for 9. I’ll deal with it. If it sucks, I’ll adjust it.” It is saying “Hmm. I have enough money and my relationship is secure enough so let’s think about having children.”

The most important part is saying “The news is boring. I’m gonna go kill dragons in Skyrim instead.” Why? Because some people don’t feel like reading the news. Sometimes the news comes to me via Birdman and if it really makes me concerned, then I’ll research it. It is all about choice.

So this prompt is about what made me grow up, not about what defines growing up. I don’t really think I’m grown up. Sure, I can make some decisions. I don’t spend my savings on cars. I buy whatever I need and make sure I can pay for it, which I do every month. I have a job. I go to it every day on time. I’m not out committing crimes. I got an education to my chagrin. I made decent decisions.

Okay. Got it. I know what it is. There’s no real clear line of growing up but rather coping with actions. The people that do well are “grown up” I suppose.

Then again, there’s plenty of kids out there that make good decisions and deal well with the actions.

I guess I’m not sure. I guess a lot of people aren’t sure either. I feel like the stereotypical definition of growing up is about conforming. If that’s the case, then no one close to my age is grown up because of how active everyone is. It is not about conforming.

So, I guess I go back to my whole “if you can live with it, then you got it” idea.

Maybe I can’t give a good definition because I’m not grown up myself. That’s fine. I don’t feel the need to grow up because I’m fine with how I am.

There we go. You’re grown up when you fully understand that you’re actually fine with how you are and whatever you do is your doing. There we go.

When did I realize that? I haven’t fully yet. That’s okay. I’m on the track.

Anyway, growing up sucks so don’t rush it.