In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Take Me to the Moon.”


Rad Blog.


This is a prompt post.


This one asks “How far would you go for someone you love? How far would you want someone else to go for you? ”


I suppose this could go in a bunch of directions, but when I think of someone I love, I think of my Queen. Others might think of a parent or a sibling or even a child.


What does it mean? How far? How far would I go to see my Queen? I’d go wherever if that’s the case, but I think of this more symbolically. That’s right, Rad Blog, I’m gonna use my literature degree in real life.


I played this game a while ago called Always Sometimes Monsters where you play as a writer who gets a wedding invitation from an ex boyfriend/girlfriend. At first, you’re going just as a way to figure out life, but then it turns more into “I wanna win him/her/ back.” Physically, you go through different towns, but there’s a lot of other stuff too that makes it a journey through one’s self. Anyhow, my guy, Rene, was chasing his love Damo, back and ultimately failed. He did a bunch that was very uncouth along the way, but he had no choice.


Would I, Chas Rad, in a similar situation do the same for my Queen? I don’t know honestly. Some of the stuff in the game would never happen to me in a million years. I don’t associate myself with some of the main people in the game, but at the same time Rene and I were a lot alike. We both went to college. We both studied writing. The only real difference is that I don’t pursue writing as a job, nor am I talented enough to be noticed by some guy (though he was kind of a jerk).


Instead, I think of myself and my Queen as a different story as two of the same stories would be boring. Our life together is difficult enough. Besides, would she even appreciate me going as far as I possibly can?




She is an independent person who is sometimes needs her space. If I was bold and went to the ends of time for her, it would be like flipping a coin. Instead, I will go as far as she wants me to go. What does that mean? It means that I won’t be bold. No. Being bold does not always work. Being bold might work for others, but not for my Queen. Taking a risk is not something I’d do. I would do anything for her with her go-ahead. I’ve learned what I should and should not do.


So I suppose I would go as far as I should for her. I know the limitations. It is not something I learned overnight. It took years and there’s still things I need to learn.


Like what?


I’ve been trying my best to learn sign language for her. During our Radcation, I pretty much signed as much as I possibly could. I’m older now so learning a language should be harder. Does it stop me? No. I’ve also been notoriously bad at learning new languages (yet I still continue learning French?). This is something I’d do for her.


Video streaming sites like YouTube and Vine are usually not captioned. What does that mean? My Queen can’t understand what’s going on without reading either people discussing it or Youtube’s terrible captioning. What do I do? I watch the same 10 second clip over and over again to makes sure I got ever word and sound written down for her. I do this for videos from 30 seconds to what, 10 minutes? This is something I’d do for her.


I have closed captions on all the time now even if she isn’t here. Why? So when we finally move in with each other I don’t have to be bothered seeing it. By the way, it really isn’t that bad. I put captions on for all my games too. Before I start streaming or capturing for a video, I go into the options to first change it to easy difficulty and then to make sure captions are on as well. This is something I’d do for her.


Sometimes she wants to be left alone. I respect it and go play Payday or Skyrim. I don’t pry. I don’t try to find out what’s wrong. There might not be anything wrong. She wants to be left alone to watch some show, then go right ahead. She’ll tell me if something’s wrong when she wants to tell me.


This part is where I think I’m not actually “going far” but rather taking a strategic stall. Life is not about always going forward. If I went forward right now, I’d run straight into a wall. The trick is to move in the right direction. Sometimes I have to go backwards to get ahead, like right now. The door is behind me.


Anything else requires me to think.


So, final answer? How far would I go? I’d go as far as I’m needed.


How far do I want someone else to go for me? It is a two way street, my friends. I am very stubborn, so I think. I like to do things my way even if it isn’t efficient or the best way. I have never been the guy that goes by the meta. I will eventually try what’s popular and then I will figure if I like it or not. So for me, I like people to let me build and blow up all by myself. My Queen knows this. She knows when it is time to pursue me and she knows when to let me rampage.


Extreme situation? Okay. We’ll go with Dragon Age Origins. SPOILERS. If you haven’t played it now, go. Skip this paragraph if you don’t want the final bit ruined. When I say this paragraph, I mean the one after this. Fine! I’ll put some kind of mark to end it.


So, if my Queen was the Grey Warden (she’d be a dwarf) and I was Loghain (because I hate Alistair) what would happen? I identified with Loghain a lot in the game so my Queen would understand this situation. Who needs to kill the dragon? Her or me? It would be a sacrifice. She’d let me do it, despite missing me terribly. She knows that it would be high honour for me and she knows that I would wouldn’t want her to do it either. Would she have taken Morrigan’s deal and sent her to me? Heck no. I told Morrigan to hit the road as soon as I got to the first town. Besides, she likes Zevran.




So, yes. Go as far as I’ll want you to for me. That’s how it should be.