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This is it. This is the last Shaq Fu Punch out there. I’m ready to give it a try.


Notice, I said it is the last Shaq Fu Punch to try and not the last Shaq Drink. Apparently AriZona made a Soda Shaq with a zero calorie orange cream soda that I never tried.


This is the Strawberry Punch. I don’t really mind the strawberry stuff AriZona puts out including their strawberry drink…wait a sec. Is this just their strawberry drink but rebranded with Shaq? Wait!




They have a grape drink too. Not really sure on Pineapple, but Mucho Mango has a lot of the same things Pineapple Punch has.


I need to do some research!


My mistake.


I’m sorry I almost accused AriZona of such a travesty! They have a watermellon drink and a kiwi-strawberry drink. They don’t have a straight strawberry drink besides Shaq Fu Punch here. The grape drink is actually a grapeade. Phew.


Anyhow, Strawberry! I love Golden Bear Strawberry. It is probably my favourite brand of lemonade.


I’ve liked all of Shaq Fu Punch so far and this one is strawberry so they might just smash this one out of the realm. Almost a baseball metaphor-thing there.


So, let’s take a look at this bottle. It is just like the other ones, except very red. The text is a red/yellow looking. I think they kept the yellow on all of them actually. Shaq’s shirt is red, but really dark. It is sorta maroon, but I think it is still too dark for maroon. They did it again with the little logo, but you can tell it is there. It is probably the most noticeable out of the three actually.


According to the AriZona website, it is Californian strawberries. Huh. Okay then!


I like this bottle. The red is just kinda appealing to me. The strawberry in the logo fits too.


Aw yeah! They have chopped strawberries on the bottle too. It is super Fruit Ninja-y.


Let’s move on to the facts. I wanna get to drinking this.


2.5 servings. 10% juice. 90 calories. 0g total fat. 0mg cholesterol. 10mg sodium. 23g total carbs. 0g dietary fiber. 22g sugars. 0g protein. 25% Vitamin C. Yep. Looks standard. This mimics the Grape Punch with the same nutritional values.


Ingredients? Forgive my shortcutting.




Hmm. Similar to the Pineapple Punch with all the strawberry stuff. No beta carotene? I live! Well, I will anyhow.


Let’s get to it. I’m looking forward to this one. I still have a whole case to drink.


Shake well!


Very strawberry scented! I would hope so. This has a much stronger title-fruit smell compared to Pineapple. The liquid…is read as you’d expect. The strawberry scent is there, but it isn’t overwhelming. It has a nice small aroma that just has a good scent. It isn’t like boom-kick in the face. It is like a nice refreshing scent.






Very refreshing. The taste of strawberry is very light but, like the scent, is apparent. It reminds me a lot of an actual strawberry taste. It really has that genuine taste to it. I’m quite happy with it.


I like this one a lot because it just has this refreshing aspect to it. The others had it, but this one is just really there for whatever reason. This is very good.


The after taste is pretty good. It is really just sweet. Some people might be put off by the sweetness, but I think this is great.


I really don’t know why this one isn’t being sold in stores. I think this has a bigger scope of an audience than the others. Then again, aren’t people allergic to strawberries?


I still think this should be sold around here. This is 1 dollar (probably) and it has no Red 40 in it so there’s that. It won’t drive the kids crazy for that…then again it does have sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Oh well!


I do really like this one. I am quite glad I have the case left.




Shaq Fu Punch didn’t let me down. I love seeing Shaq stuff probably because I think he’s a pretty rad guy. I like a lot of what AriZona puts out too and these punches were good. I don’t know why they didn’t do it in can form, but bottles work too. I think the bottle helps with the juice taste because these are not teas. They have no tea in them.


Final thoughts on each of the three? Of course the one that’s sold in stores around here is my least favourite of the three. Grape isn’t bad, but grape has never been my go-to flavour.  I suppose it is quite unique. When I think of grape juice, I’m thinking Welches or whatever. I think I liked Pineapple the best for overall flavour. Strawberry was a very close second. I think Strawberry narrowly loses out because strawberry isn’t a flavour I instantly go to either.


Overall flavour with my complete unbiased opinion? I think Strawberry wins it. I think the flavor it has is the most genuine and apparent. Pineapple was faint. I think people would really like the strawberry the best. Personally, I liked Pineapple, but I can see this Strawberry being top.


Grape, unfortunately, is hitting above it’s weight against these two. It was very good, but no where near as good as Pineapple or Strawberry.


Strawberry? I give it a spinning crescent kick out of Rad.


That’s all the drinks I have. I don’t have anything else on deck to try! I said I wanted to take a break so I might…unless I see something unique.


You could always tell me what you’d like to see too. I wouldn’t mind.


I’m happy to finally have tried all the Shaq Fu Punch drinks after hearing about it. It has been, what? Two years since I heard about it? I’m not sure. I finally got to it and I’m happy with the flavours. Thanks AriZona.