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Shaq Fu Punch is here, but it has to wait! I’m going with this drink here as a nice transition from the Iced Tea Throwdown. This is Golden Bear…with mint?


That’s right. Mint. Who has ever heard of minty lemonade? I sure haven’t. I didn’t even know AriZona made this version of Golden Bear. I’m a huge fan of the strawberry lemonade they make, but mint? Who knows?


It looks kinda odd. I normally see the can in red or yellow, but never in green. The background is a bit funky. Looks a bit like camouflage.


This was the last can at the mini mart. I have never been in this mini mart before and this can was bloody filthy! I washed it before even thinking about opening it.


As you know, I’m not huge on mint, but for the sake of The Rad Blog, I am always up to trying interesting sounding things.


Let me talk a bit about Jack Nicklaus here. I know nothing about him. I have his NES game. I know he plays golf. I know he has this lemonade at AriZona. Is he still alive? Yes he is. He’s won a bunch of stuff. I guess he’s pretty good. How long will it be until we get a Tiger Woods drink? We’ll call it Eye of The Tiger Sweet Tea or something. I don’t know. What does Tiger Woods like? Ah never mind.


Let’s see. AriZona put some facts on the can. There’s a faux newspaper here. I’m not gonna read it. He played basketball apparently. He also has 5 kids and 22 grand kids. Jeeze. He’s a family man.


Well, off to the nutritional value.


3 servings.


70 calories. 0g total fat. 0 mg cholesterol. 10mg sodium. 19g total carbs. 0 g dietary fiber. 18g sugars. 0g protein. 25% Vitamin C.


Pretty standard per AriZona standards. Strange to see things like dietary fiber and cholesterol on this. I don’t normally see those listed.


Filtered water, high fructose corn syrup (glucose fructose syrup), lemon juice from concentrate, pear juice from concentrate, honey, natural mint flavor, citric acid, beta carotene for color, ascorbic acid, sucralose (Splenda brand), acesulfame potassium.


Beta carotene eh? I’ve heard of it before but I can’t remember if it is good or bad. Off to Bing!


It is found in carrots and sweet potatoes to make them orange. Er…So this is gonna be an orange lemonade? Good for sunburn. Great. I’m sure the sunburn on my stomach is crying for some beta carotene.


Oh. Increased risk of bladder cancer?!?!? I’m putting my life on the line here for entertainment. According to Mayo Clinic “There is some concern that beta-carotene may have cancer-causing effects. Human research shows that beta-carotene supplements have increased the risk of bladder, stomach, and lung cancer and increased the risk of death in smokers and people exposed to asbestos.”


Holy Batman, Robin. I sure hope that the use for colour isn’t that bad. That was kinda in reference to supplements, but my word. May have cancer effects?! Well. You know what the kids say- Yo Ho!


Oh… “Additionally, research suggests that beta-carotene increases the risk of bleeding inside the head in people who also drink alcohol.” Same place. Good thing I’m a teetotaler.


Okay okay. OKAY! Beta carotene is part Vitamin A. Too much Vitamin A is bad for you. According to this can, there is 0% Vitamin A. Maybe it isn’t enough to kill me.


This makes me hugely skeptical of energy drinks.


Phew. It is Vitamin B they use.


Okay! Back to the drink. Sorry for the scare!



This costs a dollar by the way. 1 dollar to DIE!


Time to pour.


So…it is yellow. It looks like lemonade. It smells like lemonade too. I don’t smell a hint of mint. Rhymin’.


Hmm. Let’s have a taste. If I die, tell Shaq I thought he was rad.


Huh. Blech.


I think there’s a reason why no one has ever made mint lemonade. The lemonade taste is good, but ugh! The mint after taste lingers like a bad, bad something. I get a great lemonade taste, but the after taste is all sorts of mint.


I think this might be the first AriZona drink that I dump. Bah! No. No lemonade and mint. Bad combo. Very bad. Maybe that’s why I don’t see this anywhere else. Apparently this is popular somewhere. Not with me. Blech!


I think people that do like this combo will really like this because both flavours are very, very rich.


Hmm people have this with alcohol. Well, with the whole beta carotene and alcohol causing head bleeding, I think I’d avoid putting this in a cocktail.


Ah! This is a spin off of a Mint Julep. Yeah. South. You can keep this one.


Blech! I tried another sip and I just can’t get over the sweetness of lemonade and the minty mint. Ugh. What in the world. It just doesn’t work for me. I suppose it is an acquired taste or it isn’t for everyone. Like, I really enjoy the lemonade but the mint rushes in and I just wince.


I’m gonna keep sipping this. I’ll give it a 2 cent discount out of Rad. Some people will love it. I did not.