It’s tea time, Rad Blog. Or is it Tee Time?! Golf joke. Or was it an iced tea joke? See my last post on me being funny.


Anyhow, here it is. This is the  conclusion of the Iced Tea Throwdown. We conclude with Half-and-Half or Arnold Palmer. What is it? One of my favourite drinks actually. It is half iced tea and half lemonade.


I have to put a disclaimer here. I’m a big fan of all sorts of half-and-half. Arnold Palmer by AriZona is one of my go-to drinks. I’m very curious to see what Peace Tea does in their version.


Side note! I went to a mini-mart and they were selling both AriZona and Peace Tea. AriZona was 99 cents while Peace Tea was $1.20. No love for Peace Tea!


Unfortunately, I can only find the “lite” version of Arnold Palmer these days, but most of the time I forget it that is isn’t the “full” version or whatever you wanna call it.


Caddy Shack by Peace Tea is probably named after the movie with the same name. I’d say to AriZona that if they ever lost the rights for Arnold Palmer, they should call it Caddy Shaq. Speaking of Arnold, that Xarelto commercial is on where he’s playing golf with those two other famous guys who I cannot recall their names. Kevin Nealon and uh…race car guy.


Can art time? Sure. I don’t have much else to say about half-and-half. I’ve heard it called Caddy’s Surprise before. Golfer’s Delight. Some dumb stuff. I’ve never played golf before, unless you count Mario Golf or Tiger Woods’ PGA Tour.


AriZona has a nice black and white portrait of the man himself with a few other pictures of him in action. It has a nice signature look with his name on the can. I like the half & half lettering too. This is a good look for AriZona. It is modern meets classical. On the other side there’s some facts about Arnold like all the Cups he won or whatever golf calls it. It is nice. I think AriZona does a good job with their sport-named drinks. Soda Shaq is cool. Arnold Palmer is cool. Golden Bear is cool too..coming soon hint hint.


Peace Tea sticks with their vibrant colour pallet. This time they have a bunch of people in the tropics with gold attire and…tennis? Why tennis? Is there tennis in the movie? I need to consult someone old. Hold on.


Yes. Apparently there is. Did not know that. I haven’t seen it and honestly I probably wouldn’t think it would be that funny. Anyhow! There’s punny stuff here too. “Peace And Forty-Love.” “Fore Peace.” “Tea It Up.” “Two For Tea.” Golf and tennis jokes! Ah ha! Does that guy have the Monster logo on his shirt?!


The peace sign is in some kind of gloves.


This is kinda uninspiring compared to the other Peace Tea cans. I suppose this would be lost on me since I don’t know much about Caddyshack. 


Let’s compare the stuff in it. Nutrition!
















Wow. This Arnold Palmer has a lot of ingredients.


Hmm. Both have sucralose, but at least AriZona has the audacity to say it is Splenda brand. Thanks. AriZona also has lemon and pear juice. 5% yo!

Peace Tea is right up on AriZona’s heels. 5% juice and this time it is apple and lemon. There’s also less in Peace Tea so maybe that makes it taste better. We’ll see!


They are dead on with calories. Peace Tea has more sodium! AriZona has 1 more g of carbs. Dead on with sugar.  Once again, AriZona has 25% Vitamin C. Otherwise, these are pretty darn close in nutritional value. I guess the “lite” version is on par with Peace Tea.


I guess there is only one more thing to do. Let’s go get them ready.


I shook the cans. Just waiting on the third party to open it. Today we are going with Will and Smith because I’ve been watching The Fresh Prince all day.

The third party is pouring.


Ready! I’ll get water right now.


Same froth and colour. I expected it to be like that. Similar smell? Cup Will has a more lemon smell to it. Smith has a lemon scent, but it isn’t as strong.


Taste! I am thirsty.


Will first.


Ahh. This has a really real lemon taste to it! I don’t have a lot of tea, but the lemon flavour is great. I has a small sweetness too, but not overly sweet. Honestly, Honest Tea should have aimed for this taste in their version. This actually tastes natural. It is pretty darn good. Quite refreshing.


Smith now. Hmm! This has the tartness of the lemon with a sweet kick. I can actual taste tea to this one too. Hmm. This is more rich. I like it. There’s a really good lemonade taste to it.


Will had a really nice lemon taste, but the sweetness was more natural. It reminds me of home made lemonade. I could’t really get the iced tea taste to it though. I’m gonna have another sip of it to see. Yeah. I can’t really taste too much tea. This has a very distinctive lemonade taste. I like lemonade by the way, but it just doesn’t have the tea taste like Smith has.


That said, I like the lemonade taste of Will more than Smith.


Overall, I am gonna pick Smith over Will. This is a half-and-half drink and should have a tea flavour to it. If this was a lemonade then I’d absolutely go with Smith. I might actually prefer Smith to Golden Bear lemonade.


AriZona wins it! A tough fight from Peace Tea!


Conclusion? Okay. AriZona stays as my preferred beverage, but only just! Peace Tea makes some really good tasting stuff for a dollar. I wouldn’t feel bad if someone got me a Peace Tea instead of AriZona. I’ve noticed overall that Peace Tea has really good naturally tasting things, but is constantly undermined by sucralose.


I’m surprised and pleased that both of these drinks managed to beat the sucralose taste.


AriZona can learn a few things from Peace Tea. They are constantly better for you (in terms of using less sugars or whatever) and their can art is nice and modern.


I would like to officially back both companies. They both are refreshing.


Final Scoreboard


AriZona: 3

Peace Tea: 2


There’s one more potential match out there, but I’d need to find the Peach Teas for both. I think I have an idea where they are. I’ll look, but no guarantees.