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Here’s a prompt post.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Your Number One.”

The prompt asks about the number one song for when you were born and how it relates (or doesn’t) to you.

Apparently, this is the defining song of my birthday.

I’ve become a cliché, apparently.

So, I didn’t recognize the song by its title, but looking at the lyrics I said “Oh, that song. Right.”

Is it bad that the first thing I can think of when I saw the song was Stewie singing it?

That’s where it hit me. My generation is one big cliché filled with self-loathing and mockery. This song, at the time, was probably super romantic and looking into the history of it, shows it was super popular. Heck, it was so popular that it was number 1 in the UK too. The people of the 80’s probably genuinely liked it. I can’t tell because I was too young.

What do I know about Family Guy? It is a rude comedy made for people around my age. I would say it appeals to people slightly younger than me more, but not too much. Anyhow, the show really tries to take old content that older generations loved and makes a mockery out of it usually. An example? I’ll have to think. It’s been a while since I actually sat and watched the show.

Star Wars. They do a lot of that and made a whole movie as a parody of it.

Anyhow, Stewie makes this outrageous video with this song.

What I think is that the joke is for both generations of people: mine and the people that grew up when that song was popular. To my generation, it is funny because it is super lame and cliché. It shows its age. To the people that grew up in the time, it shows how dated they are.

Because I was born when that song was around, maybe I am the cliché? I mean, it can’t be too much longer until shows like Family Guy start taking pot shots at things I grew up with like Power Rangers and other 90’s things. They probably already do.

So, getting back to the prompt, I suppose this song is a lot like me. It is dated and stupid. It was once a super popular romantic jam. Now it is a joke on Family Guy. Soon I will become old and a joke to the kids as well if I’m not already.

As for the actual song relating to me? No. Not even a little. I love my Queen, but this song is just too much. Too mushy.

That’s all! Check the prompt out to see what your top song was when you were born.