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Today I look at Sweet Tea by AriZona and Peace Tea! Sweet tea is an ideal choice for me for summer and seeing as it is almost the end of it, I better do it now!


AriZona and Peace Tea have a slightly different take on sweet tea. AriZona calles it “Southern Style” while Peace Tea calles it “Texas Style.” What’s the difference? Both are technically in the southern part of the USA, though Texas is more midwest I suppose. I think AriZona is trying to convey the old floatin’ down the Mississippi South while Peace Tea is more of the long haulin’ cattle drives from Dallas to Dodge City. Which will be the best to me? We’ll see!


I do rather like AriZona’s sweet tea, but I am also an Old West enthusiast so I’m interested to see what Peace Tea can wrangle up with their version.


Let’s look at the art. AriZona has cool looking steam boats in black and white, but look at the rest. Boring! White space? The letters are straight outta Microsoft Word. At least AriZona makes their logo look coolish. It is just red. This is a really toned-down can. I know they have a “Northern Style” unsweetened tea which is basically saying “The South is cool because they are sweet and The North is boring so they just have boring cold tea.” Kidding. I’m sure lots of people don’t take sugar in their iced tea. I just happen not to enjoy such a thing.


Peace Tea!  This just looks cool. It might be a bit stereotypical Texas, but it still looks super rad. Big blue sky? Doesn’t the song go something like big blue sky? No. It is stars at night. Close enough. It is big and blue! They just didn’t include daytime Texas in the song.


Anyhow! Cowboys! There’s plenty of cowboy hats here and lots of cowgirls if that’s your thing. We also see a state trooper which I suppose Texas has a bunch of since it is a pretty big state. I think that is the Alamo in the background too. Oh yeah! A longhorn! Can’t forget that. The peace sign is in gloves and is holding a lasso too. Much more colourful. See the freakin difference? I sure do. If there was a sweet tea shelf and I saw both of these, I’d pick Peace Tea for being more eye catching.


That seems to be one of my biggest complaints about AriZona. Their can art is so retro, but not the rad, ironic kind. It just looks dated compared to Peace Tea’s colourful and region inspired art.


That’s not what I am judging this on though! It is all about the taste! So what if the can is boring! All that matters is the taste.


Let’s look at the nutrition and stuff.













Pretty similar in nutrition, but why so much sodium, AriZona? Peace Tea has zero. AriZona has a lot more sugars too which would make more sense since this is sweet tea. Will that be Peace Tea’s downfall?


Also, AriZona somehow has 100% Vitamin C. How? Seriously, how? Ascorbic Acid?  Still, cool.


I will say Peace Tea is more simple. It is just tea, sugar, and sucralose. I wonder what the natural flavours are?


Same with AriZona, but no sucralose and high fructose corn syrup. That’s not good on Peace Tea’s part because I really don’t care for noticeable sucralose taste. So far, the ones that I liked more by them did a good job masking it.


So, shall we do this? Today I will name the cups Jolly and Roger. Pirates.

Got the cans ready. The third party will open them up when they settle a bit because I shook them pretty hardcore. If I wasn’t so sure that I would be hunted down and probably killed, I’d make a video of me shaking them.


Pouring now, or at least that’s what I hear.


Got the water ready too. It is currently sitting by me. Don’t worry, I did that before shaking the cans.




Yep. The two look identical. They both are a brownish tea colour. Both have similar froth too.


Jolly first.


Smells of…not much. Sweet? I can’t really pick up anything from it. Maybe a hint of some kind of sweet. Not sure. Maybe a hint of tea too. Very, very faint.


Smells of nothing as well really. There’s that sweet hint, but it is hardly noticeable. Less tea smell to this I think too. Wouldn’t matter because the first one was so, so faint that I wouldn’t normally notice.

Taste time. Jolly get’s the first go.


Ah! Sweet tea! Very, very sweet and really refreshing. Oh! The after taste was kinda odd at first, but came back with a nice sugary goodness which kinda tasted like melted sugar. Nice! That’s a darn good taste. Reminds me of Popeye’s a bit too which is my absolute favourite Sweet Tea.


Water to cleanse.




Ahh! This has a great taste too. This has more of a tea taste to it but the sweetness is really entwined with it. There isn’t a fantastic after taste, but it is sweet from top to bottom. It tastes more natural actually. It is a very good taste. I like how the sweetness compliments the tea that it isn’t overwhelmingly sweet. If I wanted straight sweetness, I’d buy Sunny D. This is a nice tea with great sweetness.


Which is better? Hmmm. A tough one again. Jolly had really a really good sweet taste, but the tea flavour wasn’t as noticeable. Roger is more of a tea taste while the sweetness is more subtle. It doesn’t steal the show, but it is absolutely apparent.


I think the fatal flaw of Jolly is the strange after taste before the really good after taste. It is like having an ache and you use IcyHot. At first the sensation is kinda odd but then feels really good.


I’m gonna go with Roger on this one. Edges out Jolly by a little. The after taste is a bit funky but way good after it goes away. It doesn’t take long, but Roger doesn’t have it. Do I want a good drink over all or a pretty good drink with a crappy after taste first then a really good sweet lingering after? I will pick the overall good one. Roger it is. The texture is just better, but I’d drink Jolly again for just to experience the second after taste.


Also, if I wanted that awesome after, after taste, I’d just go to Popeyes and get their sweet tea and just enjoy that taste all around without having to go through a strange after taste first.


AriZona wins it!


I think the funky after taste was sucralose. I tell ya, cut it out and you woulda won, Peace Tea. It was good, but I think Texans wouldn’t be using sucralose. AriZona’s take was better this time for me. I think their sweetness and tea taste just was a better highlight. It is like the team that is just good together vs the team with one really good player and a bunch of decent players with one exceptionally bad player.



AriZona: 2

Peace Tea: 2


Last competition! This will be the decider. Caddyshack vs Arnold Palmer. Half & Half.


I just found out Peace Tea has a Peach Tea. AriZona has one too, but I haven’t seen it a lot. If I do, I will snap it up and we’ll go in overtime.