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Sports post so if you don’t care, you can skip this one!


You know me, I follow Aston Villa in the Premier League. You can tell on the side that I do by my little goal tally. I’m super excited about Villa playing Birmingham City in the Cup, but this is besides the point! German football seems kind of interesting. I’m thinking about following a side. The Bundesliga has already started, but it is early yet so I wanna jump in before it gets too late.


There’s only one small problem.


Which team do I, Chas Rad, want to follow? I don’t see myself being a hardcore fan because I doubt any team will match my, we’ll go with “enthusiasm,” for Villa. I just wanna keep track of the team and players. I’m not even sure the games are aired in the US. I still have a lot to figure out with the Bundesliga, but like most people, it seems interesting to me.


My ideal team to follow would be a team that has a good history, but has fallen on hard times recently and flirts with relegation but they should probably be mid-table. The fans should be completely overjoyed when they win and suicidal when they lose.


I will not be following the good teams like Bayern München. That would be too easy. Besides, I like to suffer. I guess when it comes to football, I’m a bit of a masochist. It goes well with my inferiority complex.


Some teams that look interesting to me?


Hamburg They seem like they fit the description.

Hertha BSC  the same reason.

VfB Stuttgart  see above.

Werder Bremen they seem okay and green is a neat colour…then again a lot of teams are green in Germany. Why?

Borussia Monchengladbach  because of the name. That’s kinda how my love for Villa started.


Any input from random people out there? I don’t know. I’ll probably look into all the teams on Birdman and see the fans.