Rad Blog.

I feel like answering those daily prompts I never wrote about for one reason or another. I didn’t answer them for reasons such as they’d be too short of a post or I didn’t like how it sounded when typing it.

Let’s go!

All for August.

When was the last time I used a word where I didn’t know the definition and used it completely wrong? Probably in German class. I was really poor in German. I blame the teacher’s style. I would often use words I heard, but had no idea what they meant. In retrospect, my sentences were probably very, very broken.

3 wishes granted by the Daily Post (the blog that posts these prompts)? Uh. Well, these are probably blogging-type wishes so I’ll ask for more nice, active readers, for this theme to let the tag line display (seriously, I wanted to make a duck joke), and 1 day to beat my best views in history day. My current one was off a post in pretty poor taste. You’d understand that I’d want a day worth remembering.

When was the last time I was embarrassed? I don’t think I do embarrassment correctly. I get mad to cover the fact I did something stupid. When was the last time? I don’t really know. I’m trying to get better with anger.

What’s my style? Rad is what I call it. It is me. I do everything how I like it, at least I try to anyway. You’d need to read this blog to fully understand and make a judgement on your own.

Do I have a tattoo? No. Do I want one? I thought about it but I don’t really want anything on me. I’d look cool with Japanese style sleeves, but I don’t think it is a great idea. Though a samurai battle would be awesome with the cool looking shogun masks and like at the bottom is a nice little koi pond with some statues around it and a bonsai and draped over the battle is one of those cherry trees with the pink blossoms. That isn’t really me though and tattoos are supposed to be personable. I just think that sounds awesome.

What do I see though a window? I am in a windowless office. I can’t do that unless you say the glass divider that’s covered with paper from a crack counts. Oh boy. Green paper.

What was my favourite book as a kid? Probably one of these bug books. I liked their eyes and they were interactive so that was cool. I suppose it was a pillar of all other books to follow. They all failed so that’s why I don’t read books.

Tossing coins in a fountain? Been there, done that. Nothing happened.

What’s messier, my room or my desktop? I run a tight ship here. Both are tidy. I’d say my room might be slightly because I have more stuff, but it is all organized. I can’t stand too many icons on a desktop.

When was the last time I shoulda spoke up but didn’t? Never. I generally don’t have much to say about anything of substance. I mostly whine about myself.

A habit I’d like to break? Not so much habits but flaws. Like I said, I was working on dealing with anger. Some people stress eat. Some people stress clean. I blow up and smash a PS3 game box to bits because the game gltiched. Why am I so chill driving my car? People cut me off or do pretty poor things, but it really doesn’t drive me to complain or honk. I need to convert that way of thinking to all aspects of life. A post on that one day in the future maybe. If you’d care.

Am I patriotic? Not really.

When was the last time I felt really helpless? It is more selfish helpless, but as you might know I’m in a long distance relationship. When my Queen has a bad day, I can’t give her hugs or anything. All I can do is be a face on a computer screen. It sucks. I feel helpless every single time that happens, but I try my hardest to cheer her up despite not being there physically.

No duties for tomorrow and I can make it the best day ever? Sleep until noon and eat at the buffet then play some Payday 2 or something.

What’s my town’s class-line like? Rich, over-privileged 30-somethings with 3 kids that live in giant houses that were built around my tiny, modest house.

One pill to end all food? Naw. I’ll go to the buffet.


I don’t know. I keep telling myself I’m not the jealous type.

When was the last time I read something that stung? Probably that whole “we don’t need you and don’t come back to work” text I got as a 17 year old Chas. That’s always nice.

Do I believe in fate? Ehh. Not really.

Which word would I ban? There’s a bunch. I’ll go with this one since I find it the most irksome.

With that. I will go. See ya.