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Here’s round 3 of the throwdown. We kinda stray away from tea this time and go with a mango drink. Both AriZona and Peace Tea make a version of this. The Queen was originally going to write something on Viva Mango by Peace Tea, but it never happened. She really liked it actually.


How will it fare against Mucho Mango by AriZona. I have to admit, I don’t usually get this drink when I go for an AriZona because I don’t particularly care for it, but there’s plenty of people that swear by it online. I know AriZona hypes it on Birdman sometimes.


If I was judging by can art, Peace Tea wins hands down. The Day Of The Dead art is killer. I love it. AriZona. This is freaking boring. Sure the old iconic logo is there, but the mango art is just soooo drab compared to the colours and looks of the people on Peace Tea. The Queen liked it so much, that I have added it to my Can Hall of Fame.


More specifics about Peace Tea’s art? Well, it is a celebration of Mexico. You can tell by the flag. I also see Chichen Itza, is it? They have mangoes in the trees too. Oi! AriZona. They added mangoes and it looks cool.


Let’s get to the nutrition facts and the ingredients. I could go on and on about the can, but I’ll just be redundant.





AriZona is higher in calories by 50. It is also slightly higher in sodium. It is higher in total carbs and sugars too. Peace Tea doesn’t have the Vitamin C AriZona does though. Both contain 5% juice. Which juices do they have?

Peace Tea: Mango, Apple, Orange, Pineapple.

AriZona: Pear, Mango, Vegetable.

Usually the first means it has the most impact.

So, Peace Tea tries the most to stay true to the Mango taste by having it higher in the list. AriZona uses pear juice. When I think Mango, I think tropical and perhaps exotic. Pears and apples, to me, are neither. Orange and pineapple? Yes. The AriZona drink uses vegetable juice for colouring so I won’t knock it for that.


Again, Mucho Mango uses high fructose corn syrup while Viva Mango uses sugar and sucralose. AriZona has a pure sugar version, but I never see those. At least they offer it.


Today, I will call the cups Pokemon and Stadium after a really good game on the N64. I have my water ready. Shall we let the throwdown begin? Oui!


I shook the cans and my third party is now pouring them.




I’m looking at them now and I notice a difference in colour for sure. Pokemon is way more orange. Stadium is more of a faint yellow. Pokemon looks a bit dyed honestly. The orange doesn’t look that natural. This is not a colour competition. This is all about the taste, baybeeeee.

Let’s look a little closer.


I can smell the mango from Pokemon. That is a good sign despite the colour. It doesn’t really have a sweetness to it. It is more of an earthy mango smell.


Stadium too has a mango smell, but it is a lot stronger than Pokemon. I can hint some sweetness too. If I was basing this on smell, Stadium would take it again. The mango smell is more predominant.




Pokemon first.


Sweet! Very sweet. I can taste the mango in it pretty well which is an improvement of the smell. It is very fruity in the aftertaste. It is also really refreshing too. I can taste maybe apple? Is this Peace Tea? I can taste mango and apple. Good so far.


Water to clear the taste. Stadium up next.


Mm! The mango is very apparent. I can taste outright mango from the start to finish. It is also very sweet too but, this is pure tropical taste. Is this Peace Tea then? I have no idea. This is tough to pick. This tastes a lot more light compared to Pokemon. This has more of a lighter texture in the liquid. The mango is very nice.


Hmm. This is a tough one for me to pick. I like them both a lot. Based on the mango taste, Stadium wins, but over all taste? I’m not sure.


So hard to pick. Pokemon? Stadium?



Okay. Stadium. I’m basing this on aftertaste and I like it better. Both though, are fantastic. I couldn’t fault either. Hard to beat. Stadium narrowly edges over. I’d give it a draw.


Wait a second. I can give a draw, right? No.


Okay. Stadium. I’m going with it. I’m out of water and both cups are empty.


I like the taste slightly based off my new technique called Sip Fast And Run. Stadium’s taste is slightly more unique and slightly more sweet. Final answer.


The winner is…..


Peace Tea!


That’s two big wins for the new challenger. Sorry AriZona, but I liked it just a little bit more.


We have 2 more to go. Sweet Tea and Half and Half.



AriZona: 1

Peace Tea: 2