In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Community Service.”

Serious Post Rad Blog.

I’ve been in a strange mood so I feel like I need to get “bad Chas” out and write this prompt in my fashion of complaining.

The prompt is to write a post that your entire neighbourhood will see because they will all be reading it. Great.


When I moved here from Florida many years ago, my pop described it to me as a place he loved. This is where he grew up and where my grandfather grew up too. This is where I grew as well.

The town was nice. It was safe. It had decent people who cared about each other. The town was pretty slow, but people were happy to see you then.

You’ve changed. A lot.

This new wave of people came in with the developments. You lot pretty much ruined this town for me. You’re selfish, messy, and overall rude.

When I was younger, people were didn’t crowd the streets with their giant SUVs like you do now. The town market used to be a decent place until you people decided parking was for the birds and stopped in fire lanes or parked in two spots.

You have your 3.5 kids and let them run amok. They play in the busy intersections and disrupt traffic. I’ve seen the dart across the street just to take the risk. That’s a fast way to the hospital. Who will you blame? The drivers because your kids are angels, right? Bloody pathetic excuses. You’ll get away with it too. You always know some higher up. Whatever makes it easier for you though, right?

Your bigger houses mean bigger waste. You put your trash out the wrong days in the middle of the road. It will then sit there until the right day which is a week later. By then the elements have knocked it over and I see your boxed wine box has made it over to my yard. Oh yeah, tell your 3.5 kids to recycle their Mountain Dew cans. My yard is not a dump.

You do not own this town, though your “town representatives” think they do. Ignore me will ya?

I know what you’ll say. “Don’t like it, leave.” Gladly. I have a few months left anyway. I’ll be able to afford it soon. I’m just looking out for my parents. They will live there for years to come and I know it will only get worse.

I know the prompt says that the town will read this message, but they won’t.

Actually, maybe they will because maybe Odin strike me down for ever criticizing your short comings. Odin forbid you mow your lawn or clean your house. That’s why you make money, right? Pay off people to do your chores. Pay off people to care for your kids. You work, ya, but even Saturday Soccer is just another excuse to have a beer and ignore them.

That’s all. There’s no chance in fighting this. I’m just Chas. You don’t even like me because I’m the anomaly. Well, I refuse to contribute. I won’t become you. I won’t be like that. Your dream is not my dream.

If only there was a place untouched by your hastily built houses and SUVs. The city is too dangerous and the country is too far away from stores.

I suppose I have no choice but to put up and shut up. It doesn’t mean I have to like it.