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Here’s round 2! Green tea is pretty highly regarded by people. I’m not a huge fan of it, but I don’t mind a bit now and then. AriZona prides themselves on this one through their apparel. I will say, the can art is pretty nice.

There’s a slight difference in these two. AriZona sweetens their tea with honey while Peace Tea is straight green tea. Would this be unfair? Not really in my opinion. Last time the Peace Tea added sweetness to the lemon tea and I didn’t like it as much. Also, this is me trying to see which version I will like better. Peace Tea opts not to make this sweetened with honey.

Let’s take a look at this.

The cherry blossoms are kinda misleading. Why are they here? Is it because green tea is like Japanese? Is that Chinese characters? What does it say? I don’t know. Je parle françias. Nevertheless, I like it. It would make for a nice shirt. I will agree to that.

The Peace Tea can is nice as usual. I think Peace Tea really focuses on the environment and humans living in harmony. This one depicts a peaceful protest with someone with a sign saying “Question Authority” and “Be Your Own Master.” Note, this is not a formal endorsement to this just in case someone tries saying “Oh, Chas says I should question authority!” and then you crash a car into a store because you didn’t like it. No. Don’t do that. I’m just talking about the can.


Now that I look closer, I think this is supposed to be China. There’s like a little dragon and a Buddha with a Chinese ship. I think they are called “Junk” and no, I’m not being mean by saying it is Junk. It probably ins’t even pronounced that way.

Okay fine. Both have Chinese elements. Sorry! I kind of like Peace Tea’s representation better, but AriZona’s art.

Well, let’s move on to the nutrition. 



Slightly more calories in AriZona. Sodium is in AriZona for whatever reason. Bit less carbs and sugars in Peace Tea. From a health standpoint, Peace Tea is probably slightly better for you, but the sucaralose is the reason for that I think. AriZona has Vitamin C!

Huh! These are basically identical! Peace Tea just doesn’t advertise its honey and ginseng. The difference is Peace tea has sugar and sucralose and AriZona has high fructose corn syrup and ascorbic acid. Apparently they have a line without the high fructose corn syrup if you despise the stuff.

So, I will go on and prepare the glasses. My third party is here to help.

Today I will go with cup Aston and cup Villa. See. I name them things I like equally. No bias here.

I have my third party pouring now while “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” plays in the background. Does that help the taste? Probably not. I just wanted to listen to it.


Well. They look identical. No more foam on one than the other. The same colour for each. It is a light amber. Smell?

Pretty much the same. I can’t tell the difference.

Let’s get to drinking then. Aston first since it is called Aston Villa.

Very light in taste. I can taste the green tea for sure, but it is very very light. I sort of have a sweetness, but it is only just. There’s more of a emphasis on the light taste of the green tea. I can’t taste the honey really. Pretty much watery in all honesty. The after taste is just kinda there. It is just the regular taste lingering.

Now for some more water to clear the taste.

Villa now.


This is nice actually. The honey taste is a lot more apparent. The green tea taste is there, but it really is light. The honey and sweetness of the sugar beat it. This one is a lot more refreshing. I really dig the honey taste in this one. It is just the right sweet. I guess the sugar reinforces it. You know, the green tea taste is an after taste. Refreshing in all sense.

Yeah. I think I’m going with Villa on this one. This has flavour. Aston is water.

The winner is Peace Tea! Boom!

AriZona kinda makes their Green Tea one of their big lines, but like I’ve said. I don’t usually care about green tea so I don’t get it.

Peace Tea made it better to me. I’m actually considering putting it on my Hall of Fame list. Darn good job Peace Tea.


AriZona: 1

Peace Tea: 1