Rad Blog.

I’m thinking at the momet. I feel like after the Iced Tea Throwdown, I will cool it with the drinks. I’ve been doing them a lot lately and not everyone wants to read Chas’ reaction to drinks. I should go do more bloggy bits and talk about life more.

While I do have a lot of fun doing the drinks, I think I need to cool it. People are checking them which is pretty rad. I don’t think of them really as reviews even though I place them in that category. I think of them as me reacting to it and saying if I think it is good or not based on that reaction.

Anyhow, just wanted to update you on that bit.

French is going well. I’m learning time words like “journe” and “an.”

I got my hair cut today and it is back in mohawk form. I love having a mohawk. It is more of a faux hawk, but if the sides were more a tiny bit more trimmed it could be called a mohawk. I keep it faux hawked for work purposes.

Loneliness is apparent at the moment. I’ve been kinda lost still ever since the Queen left. I’m just trying to get myself established now.

I’ve been listening to a lot of 90’s rap lately. I prefer it to today’s in all honesty. The lyrics might be kinda funny at times, but I do prefer the majority of it. The beats are more based off jazz or funk too. I guess I kinda like jazz, but only the new takes on it. Maybe old sometimes. I don’t really listen to Duke Ellington or Dizzy Gillespie. I think if you search my Last Fm you might find some of them when I had my Afro-Cuban Jazz phase that lasted like 2 days.

All right. School is probably starting soon for everyone. Good luck. Study hard. Get the good grades. Don’t beat up your roommates.

That is advice to live on forever.