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Here we go! I am gonna kick this off with lemon iced tea. I couldn’t find a plain lemon version of Peace Tea so I picked up the closest to it. With further investigation, this is Peace Tea’s lemon version. Very well!


AriZona Iced Tea is a pretty well known company. Most people know their green tea and their lemon tea. The can itself is so iconic that I have shoes with the design. It is a pretty standard beverage. I think most people know the taste honestly. My high school actually sold this in the vending machines too before they went all health crazy and replaced everything with water bottles or Vitamin Water.


Anyway! Peace Tea has this Sweet Lemon Tea which sounds pretty good! Unlike AriZona, they advertise it as “sweet.” So, is this a sweet tea with a lemon twist?


What I look forward to tasting, blind by the way, is the difference between the two. I really do think Peace Tea will be sweeter than AriZona. I usually prefer sweet tea when it comes to iced teas. Will that sway me? I am also a huge fan of AriZona and the original lemon flavour is a classic. I’m curious if this Peace Tea sweet twist push me over and pick it over AriZona.


Let’s talk about can art. I am not judging it because they are two completely different things. AriZona has the classic oblong green and white squares with the AriZona logo on its side. Peace Tea has a crowd of people at the Berlin Wall with rockers on the side playing music. This is all about peace, man. You can tell by the hand flashing the peace sign. Both are cool in their own way.


Nutrition facts and ingredients?






AriZona has more calories, sodium, sugars, and carbs, but has Vitamin C.  Carbs and sugars are significantly higher. Huh. Would that make it sweeter? Unless Peace Tea has sweet lemons, looking at this makes me think AriZona is sweeter. I suppose there’s less in Peace Tea.


Look! Big difference between the two is the second sweetener. Peace Tea has sucralose and AriZona has high fructose corn syrup. Health nuts would knock  AriZona for this, but I don’t care. I do, however, hope that Peace Tea can cover the taste of sucralose. If it stands out too much, it usually puts a fake sweetener taste in my mouth that I don’t like that much.


They are both terrible for you, so pick your poison. I pick high fructose corn syrup.


For 99 cents you can get either can which are the same size. That’s always good for me.


So, shall I get them set? I have two clear plastic cups which I will mark with “Shark” and “Gator” because they are both pretty rad. A and B are so boring. I will then shake both cans and have my third party open and pour them into said cups. I will be over here probably checking the Villa tag on Twitter. I have a glass of water to clear each taste. This is sounding like an APA paper.


Pouring in progress.


Well then! Both are identical in colour. Gator has slightly more foam on top compared to Shark, but I cannot see any difference in colour.


Shark has a tea smell. I can smell plain black tea with maybe a citrus hint. It isn’t very strong. The tea scent is more apparent.


Gator kind of has a strange smell to it. It smells of tea, but there’s a far more generic lemon smell to it. It kinda smells of lemon cleaner. Hmm. Both AriZona and Peace Tea use natural flavour so I wonder where they actually got it.


Hmm. I don’t really like how Gator smells now that I think of it.


Let’s move to taste. I’ll go for Shark first.


Hmm. It is pretty darn sweet. I couldn’t really smell the lemon, but the lemon taste is very apparent in this. It is kinda tangy too. Pretty nice. The tea isn’t as apparent, but the lemon taste is good. It is pretty darn refreshing actually.


Water time!



Hmm. The lemon taste is less sweet and more sour on this one. The tea is a bit more apparent. Does it taste how it smells? Not really. The taste is okay. The sweetness reflects the tea more so than the lemon. The lemon tastes more real I think than Shark. Yes. I can taste more lemon on this than Shark.


Overall, I think I’m going with Shark. Sure the lemon tastes better in Gator, but I wish the sweetness was more geared towards the tartness. If the lemon of Gator was in Shark, we’d have an ultimate drink. Shark was smoother and despite it’s more synthetic lemon taste, the tea flavouring isn’t overwhelmed with sweetness.


I’m picking Shark as the winner.


So, AriZona wins! I could kinda tell with because the Gator cup was a lot sweeter which would make sense as Peace Tea was Sweet Lemon. I think it should be called Lemon Sweet Tea. I think that would make more sense on this.


Next time! We’ll try a different flavour. I’m not sure yet. Maybe Green Tea.



AriZona: 1

Peace Tea: 0


Now to drink both cans. Gulp. I didn’t think that through very well.