Hey Rad Blog.

This is another one of my reflecting on a drink of the past.

I saw this drink on YouTube when one of these Vlogers I used to watch got it in his fan mail. It looked kinda cool and I was surprised to find it in the grocery store. I wanted to get it, so I did.

The thing about these drinks is that there’s like a marble in the cap and to drink it, you need to push it down into the neck. After that, you can only drink it a certain way or the marble will block the liquid. I thought that was really cool then. I was like. I gotta drink this and there’s a marble to keep it rad.

Yeah. Maybe for like a second. What sucks? When the marble blocks the liquid. I just wanna drink this. What does the marble do? It is novelty. I suppose this is just a zany Asian drink.

Now, why would I do this again? I forget what the actual beverage tastes like. I was so caught up in the whole marble thing and trying to get it out of the neck that the beverage was totally gone in my memory.

So, let’s give it another go then.

This is melon. I think the one I had was….I still have the bottle. Let me look. Huh. It was melon. Different brand. Okay!

So, you know about this drink. Might as well jump into the specifics.

Well, the bottle is really neat. The glass work is cool with the grooves.

The drink is straight green. Not much more I can say about it!

There’s directions for the marble thing. Oh! A warning. Do not swallow the plunger. You will die. Do not try to remove it. Uh huh. Everyone tries that. Do not drink if it is missing. Oh. Okay.

Ingredients are kinda small.

Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, artificial flavor, FD&C Yellow No 6, FD&C Blue No 3. Yep. Typical cheap soda-like drink. No melon in this thing. I didn’t expect it.

The cool thing is that this is a product of Japan!

90 calories. 1 serving. 0s all around except 21 g total carbs and 18 g sugars. Not terrible honestly. This is supposed to be a fun drink so it really is just flavoured water with some sweetener.

Let’s get to drinking this, eh?

Okay. That was kinda cool. The marble went PLONK and then it fizzed. Pretty neat.

It smells of artificial fruit and fizz. There’s slight melon I suppose. Mostly artificial.

Look! This isn’t supposed to be ground breaking! This is a fun drink. HAVE FUN KIDS!

Let’s taste!

Make sure you drink with the divots in the bottle to you. Otherwise the marble blocks you. Boo.

Ehh. Hmm.

At first, it tastes of terrible artificial sugar and slightly burns my tongue, then it just tastes like water.

Let me tell you, it is hard to drink, even with the bloody marble not blocking it. The opening is really, really small. I feel like I will have to stick the whole bottle in my mouth to drink this. I’ll try it again.

Yeah. Not great.

This is an absolute novelty. I don’t know why people would buy multiple of these. It would make a cool party favour, but to buy to actually drink? No. I wouldn’t do that again. There isn’t even all that much liquid. The flavouring is pretty poor.

Hmm. Kinda sweet after taste, but it is hardly there.

Heck, even drinking this the wrong way where the marble blocks me, I can still get liquid. It doesn’t even work as a novelty. Pah.

I’ll give this a bad singer at a cover band concert out of rad. Same as I remember kinda. Boring. Let the burping ensue.