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Before I get into Iced Tea Throwdown, I thought I’d give Peace Tea a real try before getting into the whole contest. This one is called Sno-Berry, which I’m pretty sure AriZona or any other company has like this so it goes on its own. What is sno-berry? Snow berry? You would think it might be about snow because of the artwork. I gotta say, Peace Tea has some awesome art work on their cans. There’s a pretty wicked polar bear head on the side. It kinda reminds me of Native American art or something how the people look. I can’t say much since my knowledge of art is limited to Art History I in college, and I hardly remember anything from that class.


Peace Tea is kind of a rival to AriZona, and you know me. I’m pretty much an AriZona fan boy so Peace Tea isn’t usually on my radar. Also, Peace Tea doesn’t have as big of circulation as AriZona does here. It might be more common in other states, but Jersey doesn’t have as much..well South Jersey anyhow. I can pick this up at Five Below for 99 cents. I think I’ve seen Peace Tea in places like Walgreens for the same price. Nevertheless, it is 99 cents. Big can and small price. Love it.


The artwork on these cans are more eye-catching than other drinks. The logo is pretty neat. AriZona has more of a classic 70’s vibe to their can art, which is fine with me too. This seems more modern.


So, what is Sno-Berry? Beats the heck out of me. Apparently there is a real thing called Symphoricarpos which are better known as Snowberries, but I don’t think they are all that common. Are they? “Indiginous to western China.” Oh! It is part of the honeysuckle family. I know what they are. I have some in the back yard. That would be sweet then.


This is called Sno-berry though. Are they trying to be cute and say “Hey there’s no berries in this tea. Get it? S-no berries?”


Naw that can’t be. They went to a lot of trouble to make this art based on snow and Inuit people. Not Eskimos. I think the preferred term is Inuit, right?


Anyhow! I’m curious what makes this distinctive. What is this all about!?


Hmm. No explanation on the can of what it is supposed to be. No artificial flavors, preservatives, or artificial colours. That’s it, but that’s standard on all Peace Tea cans.


Other stuff in the art? Puffins, Bald Eagles, Huskies, and just a lot of Inuit people. Sharks?! Er.


Fine. Maybe the ingredients will help me out on this.

Brewed natural white & black tea (filtered water, white & black tea), sugar, citric acid, pectin, natural flavors, sucralose.


That…doesn’t help! Is it snowy because of the white tea? That doesn’t make it a berry at all, Peace Tea. No high fructose corn syrup eh? Harold Approved.


What is pectin? Will this be the key to seeing what a sno-berry is?


Bzzzt. Nope. It is just some kind of preservative. It is a source of fiber found in citrus stuff.


I will never know why this is called Sno-Berry. This is basically just white and black tea mixed. I would opt for the name Ying-Yang Tea. Sno-berry makes it seem like there’s fruit in it, which there isn’t. Natural flavors. Yeah, yeah. What is the natural flavors then, eh?


I went to their website. You can see the entire can art there. Their description doesn’t help really. I was right about the word “Inuit” though!


Oh nice! Thanks Peace Tea. This makes it easier for me. Take a look at the nutrition facts and ingredients here. I already wrote the ingredients, but here it is if you don’t believe me.


Does AriZona do that? I’ll have to check their site. This is all out of consideration for Iced Tea Throwdown’s final decision, mind you. It would just make everything a lot easier for me…


No nice picture, but it is printed there for me. Well then!


Back to this.  3 servings in this can. It is big after all. 12g total carbs and 12g sugar. Seems pretty standard.



Shake well!


Time to look at it.




It is amber in colour like I’d expect tea to be, but there is a slight berry smell to it. I’m serious! Maybe that natural flavouring is actually berries of some sort. Snowberries???


I smell more raspberry if I’m honest. Yes. I know Peace Tea has a Razzle Berry tea so maybe their focus is on raspberry or something. Let’s taste it!




The white tea is very apparent. I can taste the lightness of it and the black tea’s hardiness is a nice undertone. I can taste some raspberry or blueberry too. It isn’t that strong.


I can also taste that splenda-like sweeter that is known as sucralose too. I don’t usually like it, but the tea flavouring is way stronger. It is really refreshing actually. The white tea is pretty good. I don’t think AriZona has a lot of white tea beverages so Peace Tea has this on them. I still stand by my idea of this being called Ying-Yang Tea for the black and white tea. They really are opposites.


This is a decent drink. If I’m feeling in the mood for it, I might get it again.


I’ll give this Cool Runnings out of rad. Enjoy the artwork.


Late Rad Edit:


Hey! Peace Tea has done away with their old cans and made them more unified. All of them are just a hand doing the peace sign rather than those cool art collages of people representing things. It’s kind of a bummer, actually. I really liked the whole Inuit vibe this had.




The last can is WAY cooler. Pun absolutely intended.