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Here is the last of my herbal teas my brother got me a while ago. This one is, by far, the most odd sounding. I have never had any tea flavoured with nutmeg before.


Wait a sec. Didn’t I ask a long time ago about chocolate tea? Cacao is what makes chocolate. Is this? Oh man. It is! Chocolate tea!


I’m kinda weary about this one because I am not sure how it is gonna work. The chamomile was pleasant because I knew what the combination might be like, but this is new. I know nutmeg from cookies and cacao from organic chocolate, but I know nothing about cardamom. I don’t even know what it is. I think I’ve heard of the word, but I really have no idea what it is.


Well, Doc, what am I in for now?


The bottle looks a lot like the rooibos tea with the red label and design. There really isn’t much more to it.


The liquid looks a bit browish-red. I’ll give it a shake before drinking.


Let’s read about these ingredients.


Nutmeg is supposed to taste woody and warm.

Cacao’s nibs (very important to not the “nibs”) are an essential step to make pure, unsweetened chocolate. Unsweetened chocolate is…pretty hard to eat. I love chocolate, but I have 90% cacao and it was just super bitter.

Cardamom! What is it? It is a seed that is supposed to be warm and fruity with a sweet kick. Hmm. Cool. It is going to be interesting to see how that might balance out the bitter cacao.


I suppose this is going to taste very woody. All of these things are kinda nuts. Like actual nuts, not crazy-nuts.


2 servings like all the previous ones. This also has 0s all around.



purified water, organic nutmeg, cacao nibs, cardamom flavor, organic caramel colour, natural flavor.


What makes caramel colour organic? Did they take organic caramel and extract the colour? I don’t know. That sounds kinda silly if you ask me. This says cacao nibs too but I see nothing resting in this. What are “nibs” anyway?

They look like shredded chocolate chips. I guess they melt while it is heated? We’ll see.


Let’s shake for the fate of the world! Save the world save the cheer leader!




Jeeze that’s an aroma! One thing you can say about Ayala’s Herbal tea is that there is a hefty aroma.


This smells like straight up forest. This is very woody in smell.


I can also smell a little spice? Probably the nutmeg. Hmm. I don’t know, Rad Blog. I hope it tastes good because I’m not fond of this smell.


Let’s have a sip. Oh yeah, mind you, when you have this organic stuff, it is way hard to straight up drink it. These drinks are better sipped and kept.


Let’s sip!




It actually doesn’t taste as strong as it tastes honestly at first. The after taste is stronger.


It really tastes woody. It tastes like I took wood and brewed it in hot water. I can get the bitterness of the cacao, but the cardamom doesn’t really taste sweet to me. Maybe I just cant taste it. I can taste nutmeg from the spice bit. I’m happy the spice isn’t overwhelming too which if it was really spicy would make this undrinkable to me.


Yes. This is a very earthy drink. I can taste freshness though. It is like I can feel the outside of the nut while drinking this. It is kinda interesting actually.


Would I go for this again? No. I will stick with something more common like the chamomile. This is as herbal as I get around here. It is a bit too much for me honestly. I am sure people that love all sorts of organic drinks will find this one pretty good. Me, I think I’ll stick with something more tame? Is that the word? Less wild? I mean, like less interesting. Boring! Yes! I will go with boring.


I can see people enjoying this, but this isn’t my bottle of tea. Maybe this tastes better warm!? I think i’ll put it in the kettle maybe and heat it? Yeah. I’m gonna try that.


Come to think, maybe all of these might taste even better warmed. It doesn’t say these are supposed to be consumed cold. Oh. It says “best enjoyed cold” on the bottle. I’ll try it warm to see if I like it better.


I’ll give this a survival television show out of rad. I don’t think I’m adventurous enough for this one, but it is pretty tasty!

Post edit!

Tasty isn’t the right word. I think savoury is better. Yes.

Also, I’ll have to heat this tomorrow. The kettle is getting a wash.

Suplex edit!
Warmed it today. I sorta like it better warm but this one really is an aquired taste. Too woody for me.