I am making good on the prompt yesterday. Today I am writing to old Chas. This is for 20 years in the future. 44? Sounds like a terrible age.


Old Crow,


You’re old. What has happened to you? You can’t really tell me, can you?


Hopefully you’re still alive because if you died of some reasons other than suicide than I wouldn’t be very pleased with you.


Oh yeah, I hope you’re less grim than I am that thinking suicide is an okay way to go with the right reasoning. I suppose it takes a lot to drive someone to that stage, but as a young cardinal sometimes days feel hard that people would put down you for thinking you have it rough when they think you have it good. No one will understand your perception. I think you and I will feel that way forever, but you’re older and wiser. You’ve gone though what I think is the hardest part of life and survived. I want to be you one day. I want to be old crow Chas and know I beat the unpredictable and impossible to understand 20s.


I know a lot of people on WordPress are older and talk about their younger days and say those were happier, so I suppose you’re probably just as miserable as I am. You’re 44 then. At least you can play in Over-40’s leagues. I actually look forward to that. I just hope you still want to play.


I hope you are better at that age. I hope you look back and say that right now (24 year old Chas) sucks and things will be slightly better sooner rather than later. At that age, there’s bound to be a lot more problems. You’re older so my plan for physical labour might be more strenuous at that age. You’re older which means financial stuff could be even worse.


I just hope you get over the emotional garbage. I hope you’re more collected and know what you’re doing.


I don’t know about you. I don’t even know you. You’ll know me. You might hate me. I can’t tell. You might think I’m completely missing the plot. You might honour me because I’m standing strong. I know each moment I live will be a day I eventually look back and rue.


I just hope you have answers. I’m sick of questions. Please have answers. You are not the kid I am now.


Please tell me it gets better for me, despite people telling me it is great right now. It bloody isn’t if I’m not seeing it. What is wrong? If you ever figure time travel out, just be subtle about it. Just send me a mysterious email or comment on this blog and say something only we’d understand.


Oh yeah. Tell me how the review thing goes too? Did you have fun?


Sorry about this being all crisis. I’m sure I will do great things like celebrate another great year on the Rad Blog and drink a lot of good drinks and eat a ton of good food.