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Don’t mind my update post, this is separate from the Iced Tea Throwdown. This is my continuing look at Ayala’s Herbal Tea. My brother bought me 3 of these and I already looked at the rooibos cinnamon tea. Today I turn to chamomile, which is one of my favourite kinds of tea. This includes bergamot too which is usually found in Earl Grey tea, another one of my favourite teas. I have a good feeling about this one.


Anyhow, I’ve been feeling kinda crappy so liquids are appreciated. Chamomile, I think, is supposed to easy stomach pains which is what I have at the moment.


I like how this liquid looks. It has a very, very faint white with an orange look at the bottom. It might have been mixed through when I first got this tea, but I have had it sat in the fridge for a while.


The rooibos tea was pretty good, especially for a dollar. This too costs a dollar. That already makes it better off compared to other herbal teas which go for about 2 to 3 bucks. You can tell it is herbal because the little USDA seal thing on the front. It is also on the back I think, like the rooibos tea had. This is pretty identical label-wise. There is just yellow instead of red on this label. I like the yellow slightly better honestly. I think, based on the name alone, I’d pick this one too over rooibos. 14 fl oz is also a good size.


Okay, let’s get to the nutrition facts and ingredients. I’m kinda thirsty so I’m looking forward to a good drink!


Oh yeah! I forgot this was cool and gives the scientific names for everything in the drink.


Chamomile looks like a daisy and according to the Doctor, it has “a delicate taste and soothing aroma.” I think I read once that it is native to Germany as well, that or really common there.

Bergamot comes from oranges and like I said is in Earl Grey teas.

Vanilla is a pod that usually costs a ton of money and the Doctor uses “the real thing” which is pretty rad.


2 servings in this. I think it will be the same for all the bottles.

0s all around! Wow! Nothing in the nutrition facts.



Purified water, organic chamomile, bergamot, and vanilla flavor, organic annatto color, fruit and vegetable juice for color, natural flavor.



Huh. More than I thought would be in here.


Ah, it did go back to being a more yellow in colour after I shook it a bit.


Okay, Dr. Ayala, let’s take try this one.



Mmm! This smells great!


The bergamot is really apparent with a nice vanilla undertone. Wow! It really does smell good. Uh…I would like this in an air freshener please. My Queen would like it too I think.



I really can’t get over how good this smells. Spot on, Doc. This is what really good stuff should smell like.


Let’s taste now.




This is very herbal. It has a great taste. This is probably the best chamomile I have had. The bergamot and vanilla really go well with it. Chamomile is pretty light in taste usually, and this tea is no different, but it has a sweet taste of vanilla and a small tang of bergamot. It goes really well together, honestly.


The initial taste is mostly chamomile. The vanilla comes next, and the bergamot has the after taste with a slight chamomile taste coming back.


Yeah. I really like this one. I could totally recommend it for herbal tea. This goes straight to the top in my herbal tea chart as well as my organic drinks chart. Yes. I am really happy to have this one. If I was going to buy Ayala’s tea, I would go with this one so far. I still have one more to try. We’ll see how it goes.


I’ll give this one a top hat out of rad. Good stuff.