Prompt time.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “From You to You.”

Here’s a letter to 14 year-old Chas Rad. This almost seems kinda lame since 14 was only 10 years ago. Seriously! I’m 24 now. Wait, am I? Uh. Yep!


Things are about to change, my man. They will not be good. They will all be terrible. Enjoy what little joy you have at the moment, because in 10 years time you will be broke, basically unemployed, and have a bum college degree.

Okay, okay it isn’t all terrible. Let’s see. You’re 14 so you have had the Skirmish. You’re pretty imaginative and you escape there most of the time because you don’t “get” people. I understand. I’m still that way today.

You are still to young to be known as Chas Rad. You’re still trying to figure out your identity. Lemme tell you. You think you’ll have it, but you will absolutely not. You are wrong, wrong, and wrong. This is all okay because you’ll get better eventually. I’m not better, but instead of seeing a giant hill, I see only part of a giant hill.

You’ll think you’ll be going backwards and I can’t saw you aren’t. Sometimes going backwards is a viable option. Passing back to the keeper may sound dumb because you wanna score a goal, but in order to set up a brilliant play, the keeper might just have the distribution you need.

Stay true to yourself. Do what you think is right because despite how much trouble you might get it, it all works out for you eventually.

The best advice I can give you comes from a horse. “Some things word out best when you don’t try so hard.” This is not an excuse to give up, though. I just said don’t try so hard. What does that mean? Maybe you need to learn it in time. I know you won’t like that answer but you won’t fully understand it until things start to really suck.

Your friends, enjoy them now or not. Up to you. You’ll figure out how much they mean to you as you see your life crash.

I might be making this sound dramatic, but that’s how I currently feel at 24. Looking to the future is never something we do. You try to be existential but it ends up with you getting depressed about your present not being good enough because what you did in the past and therefore you’re bound to have a crappy future. That’s how it happens. I think we’re missing the point, though.

Anyway, you can’t really change anything. I don’t really know why I’m even talking to you because it isn’t like you can do anything about this. If I tell you to do something different, I could be even more messed up than I am now.

14 is a fair age. I would go to say that it is the end up your hatching age and onto the Chas Rad you really are.

People give advice to young ones saying “your future is bright.” I can’t guarantee that for you. I cannot tell you everything will be all right. I can tell you that you will be alive. you will be moving forward. You will learn a lot of useful things despite how much garbage you’ll be taught in school.

So, I’ll see you again in 10 years, yeah? Let’s have a cuppa and talk about the Villa.


Oh yeah, little hint. Motion City Soundtrack.