Hey Rad Blog.

For the price of 1, you get 2 reviews! Here’s the link to Chas’ review that he did back in May if you want a reminder.

Chas asked me to try the Shaq Fu Punch drink which I’ve never had before. Not even the Soda Shaq series. Guess I was a deprived kid growing up.

This was $1 USD at this Five Below shop. Pretty cheap for its size of 20 fluid ounces or 591 mL for those of you who use metrics.

The graphic art on the bottle is pretty well done. The artist got the likeness of Shaq down pat. Yep, I’m an art snob. The font is kind of hard to read though for “grape” and “Fu” trying to look like it’s all cultural and stuff. Not sure if I like it. They should have stuck with the font they used for “Shaq” it would have flowed better. They have a different font for Arizona too on the side?! Just choose one, two at the maximum for a bottle or else you risk making the bottle too busy and disjointed. That might be the normal Arizona font though.


I took a look at the serving size, 2.5 per bottle at 90 calories!

90 x 2.5 = 225 calories for the whole bottle. That’s kind of high for my taste. Hmm. I hope it’s worth it though!

If you want to see all the nutritional facts and blah blah. Go look at Chas’ review, I’m not repeating what he said.

Here’s something on the back of the bottle:
“AriZona uses new tinted bottles to protect the natural antioxidant properties of our beverages from light. Here’s to your health!”

Thanks AriZona! I’m liking the blue bottle.


Opening it up now.

Wow! There’s a smell of grape. It reminds me of those grape Jolly Ranchers. Possibly grape juice? Yep. Definitely reminds me of grape juice.

Took a sip. Not sure what to think about it. It tastes very weird to me but I’ve never liked grape flavored stuff very much. I’m more of a berry girl (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, etc).

My tongue gets smacked with this grape flavor with an aftertaste that is slightly sour or bitter? Cough medicine-ish but not as bad to that extent?

Whoa! I just poured some of the Shaq Fu Punch – Grape into a clear glass to get to see what it looks like. It’s a light pinkish-purple It reminds me of the juice people get during communion at church for Catholics or other religions that do communion.

You know. That’s EXACTLY what the flavor reminds me of. Communion grape juice. If that’s your thing, I say go get this if you like grape!

Otherwise I won’t get it again even though it wasn’t terrible. I’ll stick to mango or berry based stuff since that’s more my jam.


I’ll give this a Frizzly Hair Day out of Awesome.