It has been, like what? A year?

I think I officially ended numbered mobile updates and went with Mobile New Age.

I say this with a lot on my mind and not enough sleep. This, right now, is a pretty good place to be.

Right now I have a sleeping queen next to me and an alarm clock that can play 4 ambient sounds and 4 annoying yet horribly depressing piano songs but it doesn’t have white noise. Why not?

I went with ocean sounds. It’s okay minus the seagulls.

Besides that, I am living in a hotel happily with the one I see a future with and that makes me have to point out that despite me having no idea what I’m doing, I’m absolutely sure about this. I want it badly.

Maybe with white noise instead though.

I promise myself that when the worst comes out to try and direct me to their booth, I gotta remember that the end is going to look like this very moment.

I suppose I need sleep. I wanted to catch breakfast tomorrow.