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Quick one today. I am a busy Chas and I have to move a lot of stuff. I’m going on a Radcation tomorrow so I wanted to write something. I might do some while I’m in my temporary home, but don’t wait on it!


This is Lipton’s sparking iced tea. It was 89 cents at the bargain store place, but it is as small as a Red Bull can. If this small can costs more at regular retail, I would hesitate to get it. I have seen the commercials for this drink and they play a singer-songwriter version of “Tiny Bubbles” but change the lyrics. I am guessing there’s gonna be a lot of bubbles. There better be.


This is an iced tea and I got the peach flavoured. I like peach enough. Lipton is kinda eh to me in the tea market. It isn’t bad, but it doesn’t really inspire. I’m hoping this gets me hooked.


I’m not normally to big on sparkling water which I assume this probably resembles, but I also have a thought that this might end up being just carbonated tea. I mean, that is what it is advertised as, man!


I am kinda heated after getting my stuff ready for my Radcation, so I hope this is refreshing.


Let’s look at the can? It is kinda plain. There isn’t much going on with it. The Lipton label you see in the picture is on the other side of the can as well. There’s a nice wooshing effect with leaves which I guess is supposed to be tea. I guess it makes me hope this is refreshing. I would look at this can and say “Hey, this looks like it might be tasty.”

Serving size is 1. That was to be expected with a can this size. It is 12 fl oz. Pretty small. 70 calories per can. Eh…. That sounds high.

0 g total fat. 125 mg sodium. 18 g total carbs. 18 g sugars. 0g protein. This is pretty close to AriZona I think, just a lot smaller.




Carbonated water, sugar, citric acid, black tea, sodium hexametaphosphate, natural flavor, malic acid, potassium sorbate, acesulfame potassium, calcium disodium edta.


There’s mostly just water, sugar, tea, and preservatives in this.

14 mg caffeine content. That’s good enough for me right now.


Let’s take a look at this?


Oh yeah. No juice. No problem I guess.


Yep! It is bubbly! Lots of little bubbles. It is an amber colour too, which I expected. It probably is a very light black tea.


Hmm. It smells a little like peach actually. Just a little. It isn’t very strong. I can smell it though. It smells almost natural. You might be able to fool someone with it.


So, let’s taste?




This actually has a good taste, but a kinda bad after taste.


The initial rush of cool tea flavour hits me with a very nice and almost natural peach taste. Then the after taste…oh.


The after taste is a lot like Splenda. You know I’m not all about those artificial tastes.


I would say the initial taste makes it worth it. It is very cool and pretty refreshing. I don’t really taste the bubbly, which is this thing’s main selling point. It really just tastes like an iced tea.


Yeah, not getting bubbly.


This is average. I would say skip it if it costs more than a dollar. You can get AriZona which is probably double the size of this can for a dollar and skip the artificial sweetener taste. If you actually like that taste, I would say go for it. The peach is pretty good and probably worth the dollar you spend. If you are buying this for bubbly tastes, then I think this might have gone flat. It was sold in a discount store. It could have gone flat, but the best buy date is still good. I don’t know.


I’ll give this a cover song out of Rad. Hit or miss. It will depend on you really if you like this. I probably wouldn’t buy it again.


See ya! Radcation time!