20150719_144143Hey Rad Blog!


It is time for another taste of something kinda neat this time. I’m back on the organic stuff after a break yesterday with that Fruit Shoot. My brother picked up three teas from this brand and I went with this one first. Rooibos tea is something I am not unfamiliar with as you can see in my Monster Rehab: Rojo reaction. I enjoyed that one a lot and I’m sure I will enjoy this one too as this is the real stuff.


I have no idea where my brother got this, but I think they were 99 cents. That’s a good deal especially for organic stuff. Organic stuff is usually a lot more, as you could see with my Hibiscus stuff I had. You can tell it is organic from the little crest there on the front. I suppose they could have just plopped it on there, but isn’t that illegal?


Anyhow! There’s no caffeine and no calories. That’s good. At least it doesn’t say no sugar. I don’t think I could stomach that fake sweetener that isn’t high fructose corn syrup. I like the bottle. It is more of a tall, skinny bottle instead of medium and obtuse like most companies are doing these days.


The label isn’t that busy. It has a nice black with red and a little tree-looking water mark. You can see the liquid in it which I always like with my drinks. Why? Well, sometimes tinted plastic makes me think I’m having a nice red drink when in reality it is black as night. Don’t play games with my eyes, man.

What’s nice about this company is that they define all the stuff that’s in it on the side. They even put the scientific names too, which is really cool. Good on you! Rooibos comes from South Africa and I really think it is breaking though in North America. I feel like it is going to be pretty big. It defines cinnamon and rose too, like the cinnamon is from some tropical tree and the rose is native to North African and Asian countries.


Cool! They even define what herbal tea is too! Ah! It is in the company’s testimony signed by Dr. Ayala who describes his/her self as a pediatrician, artist, innovative cook, and founder.

I cannot type today on this keyboard.


I like this company. They aren’t trying to say “oh yeah, this is real tea.” It isn’t! this is herbal tea which they say on the label “true herbal infusion. Contains no traditional tea.”


The ingredients are short and sweet.

Purified water, organic rooibos, cinnamon and rose petal flavor, and natural flavor.


No sugar either. Okay! I usually take my tea without anything anyway. There’s a lot of icons here. USDA Organic, a U, OCIA Certified Organic, No GMOs, Gluten Free, and recycle sign.


In case you were wondering, rooibos is pronounced (roy-boss).


It says so on the bottle.


Nutrition facts!


2 servings in this.


0 calroies, 0 g total fat. 10 mg sodium. 0 g total carbs. 0 g sugars. 0 g protein.


That’s pretty simple. It beats that Honest stuff to a pulp. Does the taste justify? That’s the most important part.


It doesn’t say shake but I will just a little.


Woah! Cinnamon!


That’s like real cinnamon smell. Woosh!

It also smells very aromatic too, but the cinnamon is the strongest smell around. Very spicy.


Let’s taste it!


It is very, very herbal in taste. The cinnamon is more of a smell than a taste because I have tasted straight cinnamon. Not fun.


This has a very earth-like taste. It really tastes as if I went head first into the ground and drank liquid grass.


The rooibos taste is absolutely there though. I remember the little tea taste it had with a small spice kick to it. The cinnamon probably enhances the spice taste.


I think a pinch of cane sugar might make this better because it really isn’t sweet at all, but I don’t think they were going for it. I wonder if this would taste better warm?


Overall, this is a pretty good flavour especially if you are into organic stuff. Healthy? You bet.


I’ll give this one a walk on a cool day out of Rad. Not bad. I’ll have to see if the other two flavours are better.