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Here we go. I got a bunch of drinks to look at this week. We’ll start off with this odd looking drink. I am assuming this is for kids because of the bottle shape and brand name.

Honestly, I have no idea what to expect of this drink. It looks like it is going to be a generic sugary drink. I am absolutely not going to drink out of the little squirt bottle thing, but I’m sure kids would like that. Now that I think about it, that’s probably why it is called Fruit Shoot. You have the little squirt thing there and you would “shoot it” in your mouth. That took me a longer time to figure out than I’d like to admit. You can’t blame me! I call it a squirt bottle so naturally I wouldn’t think of calling it “shoot!”


When I saw this at the discount food store, I thought it was like bubbles that you’d blow that smelled like fruits. I’m still kinda timid to drink it because of that reason. I haven’t convinced myself that it is, in fact, a sugary kid’s drink.

So what else do I think of this? It was a dollar. You take your kid to the store because you have one apparently and they keep whining about wanting to go to McDonald’s for the new toy but you’re on a budget and you can’t really fork out the money for a happy meal and that you’ll probably wanna get a Big Mac while you’re there too but you’re also on a diet. Maybe you’d get the salad, but you’ve been good and you can always have a cheat day, but no! You spot Fruit Shoot! There you pick it up and ask little Timmy/Tina if he/she wants that. They happily agree and boom! There goes McDonald’s. Will that work?


Probably. You’re a parent and parents are pretty crafty. Me, no. I’m not a parent but a dumb Chas who likes to drink things that will probably kill him.


So, shall I get on to it? It is in very cheap purple plastic. You can actually see though it mostly.


The label is complete anarchy. I have no idea what’s going on with it. I thought the purple circles were grapes, but only some of it are while the others look like planets or something. there’s also three apples flying on the other side and a green grape? I thought this was called Berry Burst. Grapes and apples aren’t berries. When I think of berries, I think of blueberries or raspberries or anything that actually ends with “berry.” Apples? No. Grapes? No. This should be called Apple-Grape Blasto. There’s also like a leprechaun on this label? No. This is some person rollerblading. Also, someone with like a cabbage on their head doing a jump split? I don’t even know. Oh! A dude kicking a bowling ball! What is this? This is a great label but for all the wrong reasons. Remember my hibiscus label how not busy it was? This is the polar opposite. This is probably the busiest label I’ve looked at in a while.


Nutrition facts? Okay. 10% juice which is rather high for what I expected. I expected 5 or fewer. 1 serving of 300 ml. This is a very small drink. 0 g total fat, 10 mg sodium, 35 g total carbs, 34 g sugar, 0 g protein and 30% Vitamin C! Nice! So far, it looks pretty poor, but slightly better than I thought it would be.


The ingredients are quite…long.


Water, juices from concentrate (apple, blackcurrant), sugar, Contains 2% or less of each of the following: black carrot juice extract (color), citric acid, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), natural flavor, potassium sorbate (preservative).


Actually, it wasn’t that long. It just looked long.


This is manufactured by Pepsi!? Really?


Black carrot juice? Do I dare look up what a black carrot looks like? Yes I do.  Click that link to see what they look like. apparently, there is a carrot museum? What? Okay.

If I saw a black carrot, I would probably have thought it was rotten or something.


So, what’s a blackcurrant? Is that a berry because apple sure as heck isn’t. Technically, grapes are berries. Okay. There’s still no grape juice in it despite it being on the label. Maybe it is a blackcurrant they are showing then. They kinda look like grapes and are berries. This drink is really stretching the definition of a berry. Couldn’t they just use blueberry juice? That can’t be that expensive.


Anyway, lemme pour it in a glass.


Looks like a off-coloured grape juice. It looks too light to be grape juice is what I mean. I bet it is because this is mostly apple juice.


Ugh. It smells pretty rank. It smells of V8. I was expecting this to smell of nothing honestly. There’s a small hint of fruit, but I smell mostly vegetable. The carrots are too strong!

Taste time. Okay.


Yep. Sugary to the max. It taste like cavities.


Thankfully it isn’t bubble mix!


There’s just a sweet, sweet taste with maybe some apple after taste. Maybe a tad of grape flavour which I assume is the blackcurrant, but mostly just sugar and apple.


It isn’t terrible. This will absolutely shut up a kid. I am not fond of it, but if I was younger I would be begging my parents for it.


I’ll give it a extended recess out of Rad. Kids will love it. Parent’s won’t. Dentists will. Your wallet won’t. Probably guaranteed to make your kids jump off walls.