Here we are again with the best game the Rad Blog has ever had. LvD is here again. Not bothering with numbers this time since I never remember how many anyway!

I said it on Birdman so here it goes!


L gains points for the first reaction

L loses points for too many pictures but regains it for decent response

D gains points for the Junior

L gains points for the Spaceman link

D loses points for too many Spacemen

D gains points for post walk time

L loses points for Dr. Manhattan

L gains points for sales adverts

I’ll give L a point for style


Since I have no way of knowing anymore of L and D I will have to add it up now.


L WINS with a chrome lining while D loses with a prehistoric lining.


Let’s do this again next month, eh?


A tally?


L: 4

D: 7