Rad Blog! I told you this was coming!


Here we are again with tkHIBISCUS’s herbal tea. This time I have the green jasmine variety. These are the only two the store had so that’s all I know of at the moment. I did check the company’s website, but I didn’t see any other flavours.


Again, this label isn’t trying to catch my eye with pictures and crap. This is just like the cool mint version, but green. I like it honestly. I liek the blue slightly better, but this green works.


I came prepared this time and brought a small glass of water with this since the last one dried my mouth out for whatever reason. If this doesn’t dry out my mouth, I’ll just assume it was the mint that did it. It could be the hibiscus for all I know. Maybe jasmine does a similar number to me. Who knows!


What I do know is that this tea is not for drinking straight up, people. You have to sip it. It is essential. Drinking too much of it severely dried out my mouth. I guess they did warn me a little. They said something like “sip and enjoy.” I have a feeling this entire bottle can last an entire day if I felt like trying.


Let’s look at this, though I think everything is similar.


Yes. So far it is pretty similar. The “How We Brew It” is the same. The little statement is the same. Not much more I can say about it honestly. Let’s just jump right into the facts.


2 servings in this 8 oz bottle. 20 calories. 0g total fat, 0mg sodium, 5g total carbs, 5g sugars, 0g protein. Not a significant source of the other stuff. Yep. That looks similar too. I guess the ingredients and the green colour is the only real difference. I can dig that.


Purfied water, organic hibiscus calyces, organic agave nectar, organic jasmine green tea.

Huh! This is kinda cool sounding. Green tea with hibiscus flavouring. I like this already. I am not huge on mint teas, but green teas have a bit of a different taste to it. I have a feeling I’ll like this one better.


I forgot the agave. Maybe that’s what dries me out, but then again they describe it as sweet and refreshing here. I’m not quoting it because I’m not sure exactly how they say it. Oh all right. Lemme read the bottle again.

Okay maybe they don’t say that. They say it is a “refreshing bite.” That is close enough for me.


Let’s just get around to it then! Shake it up a little and sip!


Oh yeah, this is organic. July has been organic for me. We’ll see if that continues…

It is still very, very violet/red looking. You can see that.



The smell is nice. It is very floral, but light enough that it is just an accent. It isn’t like floral scented perfumes or anything. It smells of a fresh garden. I think I said that about the last bottle too. Hmm. Maybe the mint made is stronger. This is pretty light honestly. I don’t get too much fruity, but I totally get floral.


Okay, let’s taste it.




Not much different from the mint one honestly. It is cool and fully of herbal flavour, but it still dries out my mouth. I think it is the hibiscus that does it.


I can, however, taste green tea this time. It is quite nice actually. A nice tea flavor with the hibiscus herbal bite.


Yeah, I quite like this one too. Maybe in a bit I will feel that good feeling in my stomach like I did last time. I think I like this one slightly better for the light tea taste. The mint didn’t do much for me other than make me have fresh breath.


I think this dries out my mouth sorta less than the mint too.


This is in the herbal market so I would go for this over the Honest Tea. For sure. This is much better than the half and half I had. Yes. My stomach feels the good feeling again. I think that’s the hibiscus.

I like this one better so I’ll give it a calm day out of Rad. Pretty nice. I’d recommend trying it for sure. I say go for this one over the mint too, unless you’re fond of mint flavouring.