Hey Rad Blog.


Here we go again. I got another drink I saw in the supermarket and said that I gotta try it. This is called Cool Mint Hibiscus Tea. There’s a second flavour of jasmine and hibiscus, but I didn’t have enough cash on me to get them both. This is an herbal tea. When you aren’t sure what makes herbal tea different than just straight tea, just remember this bottle. This has mint and hibiscus. This is not tea made from actual tea plants. It is made in a tea fashion, but that’s besides the point!


This looks like it comes fro ma company called tkHIBISCUS which I’m typing as I see it on the label.


I gotta say, people try to put all sorts of graphics and colours on the label to get your attention, but this plain as day, two toned serif font label caught my eye immediately. Less is more sometimes.


Other stuff on the label is the company’s blurb about how much they like hibiscus and how this is all natural. They wanna make it a refreshing experience, so I hope they are right. I have never had anything hibiscus flavoured, but I know it is around. This has some mint too which I know Kenny wouldn’t like, but I won’t object just yet.


There’s little icons for gluten free and USDA Organic. Man Chas, this weekend is organic week isn’t it?


Well, it says “shake before sip,” so I will. I was going to anyway because this seems like something I should shake.


Ah! I like this. They give me how they brew it on the other side of the label. Let me skim through it. “Love what’s in it…appreciate what’s not.” Okay. I appreciate that there is no urine in it. I also appreciate that there’s not a live animal swimming in it either so they aren’t wrong. I’ll get to what’s in it in a bit.


So they describe it as “bold fruit-forward taste and fragrant floral notes with a refreshing bite.” Great alliteration there! It sounds pretty freaking good honestly. There’s also agave to add to this which they mentioned twice on the label so I think the agave is something I should note when tasting this. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of experience with agave so I won’t know any better.


They say it comes from global ingredients, but it is kinda vague. Then again, I don’t really care where it is from so long as it tastes good.


“Flower Power Seriously” is the last paragraph. I would type it but it is very long, but it is kinda rad. “Hibiscus is naturally awesome,” is how they open it and then they go on to talk about the health benefits. I really do look forward to this. Hibiscus sounds pretty rad already and I only know it is a flower.


Let’s get to the facts and ingredients. enough about the label. It is okay. Kinda cool, kinda nerdy.


2 servings in this bottle. 20 calories a serving. 0g total fat, 0mg sodium, 5g total carbs, 5g sugar, 0g protein. Not a significant source of Vitamins and stuff. This already looks a lot healthier than the Honest Tea thing I had. I would throw it in that sort of circle because this is organic and goes on to say it has natural stuff in it. They go for about the same price too, I think. This was a bit pricy and I was lucky it had a small sale. This was like 2 something actual price which I think is more than Honest Tea, but does the taste beat it?


The ingredients are short. These organic things are really good to me. They sure beat those energy drinks with their thousands of impossible to pronounce things.


Purified water, organic hibiscus calyces, organic agave nectar, organic spearmint.


Yep. That’s pretty much as natural as you can get. Not sure what “calyces” are, but I assume it has to deal with some part of a plant. Looks like dried flowers to me. The website I was reading about them on says it should have good Vitamin C. Why doesn’t this?


Anyway, shall I shake it up and taste it? I’m looking forward to it, actually. Seriously, I am not dreading this at all. I’m very curious what this taste will be. I enjoy all kinds of tea, herbal or not.


It looks almost like grape juice, doesn’t it.


Let’s take a look.


Oof. That’s a kick in the nose. That is a very strong smell. Very herbal-like. Kind of fruity too. That aroma is very, very strong. It reminds me of spring? A garden center maybe? A cut lawn? Something like that.


Taste time.


Huh. Very, very odd.


So, I get the refreshing taste. Cool water, but then I get an impact of insanely dry plant-like taste then an after taste of minty freshness. Yeah. It kinda like refreshing my mouth at first, but then it is super, super dry after, and then my breath smells great.


Very odd. I feel like I need a glass of water with this actually.


The herbal hibiscus taste is really fresh though. It makes a great tea taste for sure. I just don’t care what it does to my mouth. I’ve had a few sips of this already and it drys me out quickly.


I never thought about this! The taste alone is great. Great herbal tea flavour with a nice splash of fruit and to top it all off I have fresh breath. The mint isn’t very noticeable which is what I like because I feared that the mint would overpower everything. It is a good compliment.


Standing here now for a bit without drinking (yes, I have a standing desk) I feel great. This is doing a wonder for my stomach. I usually feel like crap because I eat so much crap, but I feel great.


Is it worth having a dry mouth for then? I’ll say yes. I like the taste and how it is making me feel. Would I buy this a lot? No. The price is too high for me. If I was an super organic person, I would absolutely go for this drink. When buying organic, you go into knowing the price is going to be more.


Is this a good substitute for energy drinks? I don’t know about energy, but seeing as the prices are fairly similar for this and energy drinks, I’d be more inclined to buy this and feel great rather than drink an energy drink and be physically ill the next day.


I like you, tkHIBISCUS. You guys seem pretty cool. I think I might just get that jasmine one next time.


More thoughts now I’m standing here more, the refreshing taste lasts too. My mouth is very, very dry, but I still taste so much flavour.


I gotta rate this highly. It isn’t quite rad out of rad, but I’ll give it a Commander Shepard out of Rad.


I can absolutely say try this. If you feel like splurging a little, I wouldn’t hesitate to give this a shot if you’re in the mood for tea.