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No energy drink today. I’m going all in with this “healthy” drink! This is Honest Tea’s half & half, or as they call it “Half Tea & Half Lemonade.” That’s a lot for me to say so I’m calling it Honest Palmer.

I thought that this was part of The Honest Company‘s line of products, but it actually part of Coca-Cola. Hmmp. Slightly disheartened by this because I wanted to see what Miss Alba could produce in the tea department. Alas, all she has is baby products and I have no interest in that. That is kinda confusing too. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought The Honest Company would also make these Honest drinks. There’s something dishonest about these Honest companies!

Enough on my confusion! Let me talk about this drink. I got this on sale for $1.25. What’s the actual price? 2 bucks? I forget, but I saw $1.25 and thought that was the actual price. I can’t believe that this costs almost as much as an energy drink. Then again, this is “organic” so naturally it costs more.

Is it REALLY organic or are they lying to me? Oh no, they couldn’t do that. They are Honest Tea!

Anyhow, I’m hoping the quality of this is really good because it actually looks really tasty. I can see the bits of tea at the bottom so I know I should probably shake this.

I never got into the whole organic scene. Someone at work is all for it and I know in college my tutor-pals had a few organic crazies, but I am perfectly content with settling down with some Red 40 and High Fructose Corn Syrup that vaguely tastes like fruit punch.

I’m happy to try this flavour because I know I already like Arnold Palmer. I saw some strange white tea and some assortment of berries I’ve never heard of before version of Honest Tea, but I thought I’d start off easy. I might pick it up later if this goes well or someone tells me to get it.

Looking at the bottle, you can see what this beverage looks like. The label itself is pretty generic, but that’s fine because it isn’t busy.

Oh yeah! It says just a tad sweet. Don’t forget it because I won’t. I wanna see how sweet it might be.

I like my tea. I like it sweet. I like it unsweetened. I like it with just cream. I’m perfectly fine with tea that isn’t sweet. I am not fine with artificial sweeteners like aspartame and Splenda.

There’s 100 calories per bottle which seems kinda high to me. 16.9 fl oz so it is okay for the size. I wonder how many servings are in this? Just 1. Okay!

2% juice too. Cool.

There’s more facts under the label, but I’ll get to it later as I might end up screwing up the nutritional facts and ingredients by trying to peal it.

Seth and Barry wrote a nice little letter about how much they love Arnold Palmer and blah blah. Thanks guys. I’m sure you worked very hard on this.

Huh. Nice of them to make a big bold picture saying 46 mg of caffeine. So, maybe that does justify the price slightly because it almost falls in the energy drink market. Organic energy drink? Boom.

Yeah yeah, I see., No “GMO’s.” I get it! You’re organic!

0g fat, 35mg sodium, 25g total carbs, 25g sugar, 0g protein. No significant source of all the other goodies like Vitamin C.

25g sugar? That kinda sounds sweet to me. Lemme look at a can of AriZona. 24g a serving for a regular AriZona can. This has more sugar, ladies and gentlemen. Tad sweet? Uh huh.

Oh. This says “sugars” so it isn’t just straight sugar. I guess I will give it to them. AriZona has high fructose corn syrup which isn’t really calculated in the Nutrition Facts. In reality, it could have a ton more. Oh well.

Ingredients? I expect pretty easy to say stuff since organic stuff shouldn’t have -oxide or whatever at the end of every word.

Brewed tea (filtered water, fair trade organic black tea leaves), organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice from concentrate, organic lemon extract, citric acid, ascorbic acid (to protect taste).

I’m not sure. Is this organic? There aren’t “other” sugars. Still, more in this than a serving of AriZona? I don’t know. The facts say it is, but like I said before, I don’t know if it includes all the sweeteners.

Let’s go with this already. I’m shaking it even though it doesn’t say shake well.

Oh, right. The label. It is just a silly story about Seth and Barry. Moving to the taste!

I gotta say, this has a really natural lemon smell. I’m kinda digging it. From the smell, I’m thinking this is going to taste like good old fashioned home brewed lemonade with some good tea.



Yep. Not sweet at all. I can actually taste the cane sugar which is a small hint. It really tastes like tea. It tastes of tea with a tiny citrus zing. Yep. It tastes like “real” stuff. It isn’t overly delicious to me, but it is nice to see that organic folks can enjoy this. Would I pay more money for this? I think $1.25 is a perfectly reasonable price. It isn’t something I’d buy again, but a good thing to try. I was wondering what Honest was going on about and I see now it is a pretty accessible organic beverage.

Yeah, I can vouch for them for the tad sweet bit. There’s just enough sweetness for those people that wanna be healthy.

The tea quality is pretty darn good. Pretty rich. I wonder what their unsweetened black iced tea would taste like? Maybe I’ll pick that up one day.

I’ll give them a Farmer’s Market out of Rad. If you wanna have an organic tea, go for this. It is pretty good.