Rad Blog.


I updated the About Page. I’m more satisfied with it now because I think it is a real “About” page compared to before.


While I’m writing here, I guess I can say I’ll be doing another drink reaction soon. Tomorrow maybe. No energy drinks this time. The last one made me physically ill! I really should stay away from those artificial-sugar things. I’m allergic to something in diet stuff so that’s probably what caused it. Maybe it was that BHT stuff. It just didn’t sit right. I think it is aspartame I’m allergic to and it looks like it didn’t have any in it according to my quick research. I get super dizzy and feel like garbage which is similar to what I felt like when I had that drink. It is odd that I felt fine with the original Rip It. The only other drink I felt sick to was the original Hard Rock. More research? Naw. I’ll just avoid them both now.


I do need some ideas for drinks. I’m running low. I guess NOS is next. I hate buying these since they are so expensive. Maybe I’ll review some restaurant chain’s special drink. I wish I had a Sonic so I could do that candy blast drink.


I’d do the daily prompt today but I can answer it in one sentence. I’m in summer and I miss winter. There.


I suppose I can answer the other one sentence prompts.


How do I celebrate good times? Well, if I ever have any, I end up being completely unproductive and take a much needed break.

Good advise from a bad decision I made? Heavily consider going to college. It is not for everyone. My mistake was going instead of learning something practical or something else I probably would have liked a lot better than reading 19th century poetry.

6 AM: too early or the best time of day? 6 AM sucks if I’m awake. I’m sleeping at that time.


That’s it. Read the About page if you want. Or don’t. I don’t care.