In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “In a Crisis.”

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I’m using the “new and improved” WordPress post thing again just to see it since I can’t be bothered to go in the classic mode at the moment.

This is an old prompt, but today’s prompt doesn’t work for me since I’m not quite sure there’s a generation under mine. Either way, I think the whole thinking in generations is for people with problems with youngin’s so I never really thought in generations. I’m out of step with my own anyway so whatever.

This one, though, I can write a little about since I’ve got something to say.

Crisis 2! A game. This is not what the prompt is about in the slightest. It is constantly on sale. I’ll talk about a real crisis.

I think I’m pretty good with real crisis. We had a small fire in our dryer a year or so ago and I acted really well. There was smoke so I went to investigate. I carried the fire extinguisher with me. I saw the smoke from the basement door. You gotta feel the door with the back of the hand because the doorknob might be hot. It was not hot so I went in and saw the small fire in the lint catcher thing. We called the fire department and got out of the house too. It was all fine. No problems. I didn’t panic or anything, so I’ll say I did a good job in a small crisis.

Now, when it is my problems, I balloon them and explode. Things like being delayed 17 hours on a flight pushed me over the edge. I was stuck in the godforsaken land known as Houston, Texas for the good part of the day. I threw a small fit, but I went through the waiting.

When it comes to my problems, I just make a lot of noise, but I always pull through. I don’t really give up unless I know my effort is futile, like track in high school. The coach hated me and so did the other guys on the team so I quit. I hated it anyway. I quit in the beginning of the season too which wasn’t a loss.

In terms of real crisis, I think I do a fine job. When multiple people are involved and the problem isn’t something of my own, I am pretty cool. I think that might be a good virtue.

I don’t have a whole lot more to say about this subject. I just wanted to write something. Maybe I’ll write about another prompt. Multiple posts in a day? Chas, what are you doing?

They improved this “improved” layout. It still feels kinda empty but at least they added a word count and the drop down menus sorta make sense. I think I won’t hate it after all. Now I just mildly dislike it. That’s a step up, WordPress!