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Finally got around to this one! I’ve had this for a while and I just didn’t get around to trying it.


The last Rip It I had was the original one and it tasted like Mountain Dew. I have a feeling that this one will too, but the sugar free part kinda puts me off. I hope this doesn’t taste like medicine because it isn’t drowned out by sugar.

This was a dollar at the Dollar Tree so it is not a huge loss if this is terrible. I know the original Rip It was not that great energy-wise, but it tasted pretty good.


There’s a sugar free version of the original, but what am I gonna say about that? Oh boy, it doesn’t have any sugar?


This one is at least a different flavour, but will it really be? The original Rip It tasted a lot like Mountain Dew which I think is a bit citrus-like. This is Citrus-X.



Well, what else is there to say about it? There’s 0 calories and 0 carbs. That’s really it. I might as take a look at the can. It says sugar free, but is there high fructose corn syrup?


Unlike the original can, it isn’t as busy with words. The “Wild Ride” is still there , but it isn’t as obnoxious or big.


2 servings in this can? Huh.


Well, this is odd. There’s an arrow for percentage of sugar. What? Like, really. It is a small upward arrow. At first I thought it was a question mark, but looking at it closer shows it as an arrow. 0% carbs.


100% Vitamin C, B6, and B12! 100% Folate too and there’s really small text next to it that a normal human would need magnification to read, but I can see it says “folic acid.” 4% sodium. These break down to 60 mg Vitamin C, 2mg Vitamin B6, 400mcg Folate, 6 mcg Vitamin B12, and 90mg Sodium.


Da heck is with these arrows! They show next to the extra facts, which by the way is still called Supplement Facts.

1000mg taurine, 100mg caffeine, 100mg inositol, 10mg guarana seed extract.


Ingredients? These are pretty tiny. It is like they shrunk this can’s wording.


Carbonated water, citric acid, food startch- modified, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate (preservative), natural and artificial flavors, sucralose, potassium sorbate (preservative), acesulfame potassium, glyceryl abietate, maltodextrin, calcium disodium edta, yellow 5, yellow 6, potassium citrate, brominated vegitable oil, salt, bht.


BHT? What is BHT? Butylated hydroxytoluene. Da heck is that?


Mostly a preservative it seems but it also stores fat? I don’t know. Read this if you care.


All right. Looks like the other Rip It but no sugar. There’s sucralose and that’s probably the only sweeten thing that I know of in this. I’m sure some sciencey reader would know more.


Let’s open it. I’m sure it is yellow!




Looks like thin orange juice and smells like nothing. Really. It has no real smell. There’s a very, very faint hint of citrus but that’s about it.


It really does look like half-carbonated orange juice. Will it taste like it? I hope so!


Let’s give it a taste.


Oh yeah, by the way, it didn’t really fizz when opening which, to me, means that it really is more of a juice or something. Maybe I just had it for too long, but then again, this is a dollar store item and they’ve probably had this in storage since the early 90’s.






Yeah. It tastes of orange juice, but sweetened with Splenda. Would you do that to your orange juice? I wouldn’t. It has the medicine taste, but it is especially strong without sugar and amplified by the sweetener.


Looking past that taste, it is kinda refreshing. The undertones are promising. It could be refreshing if it didn’t have that artificial sweetener. I would have preferred this without it honestly. The medicine taste isn’t so bad alone.


Yeah, I think I’ll avoid sugar free stuff in the future unless someone wants me to try it. I wish this had a non-sugar free version because I think this could taste pretty darn good.

I can absolutely feel a more energy drink vibe from this one compared to the original Rip It. That one tasted like soda while this one has the energy drink theme to it.



I’ll give this a Zune out of Rad.


I wouldn’t buy this again, but for a dollar it is fine. Go ahead and give this a try.