Hey Rad Blog.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mix Tape Masterpiece.”


Yep. A prompt post. This is more of a list than anything because the prompt says I’m making a friend a mixed tape/playlist to show them who I am. Unlike some blogs out there, I’ll do my best with this and find some songs I think are/were true to me. I say were because my past is still very much a part of me. I used to think a lot of different things about future me in the past, so those songs are just as important. I’ll try to be brief with why the songs “represent” me.


By the by, I’m using a lot of dodgy punctuation in that last paragraph. I promise I won’t do it again.


Top 10 Song That Represent Me? Yes. Let’s do one of these! I think the last time I made one of these Top 10 lists was for my baby names and that post is one of my most viewed things here. I love how many people were looking for serious “rad baby girl names” and found my blog where I said Optimus Prime is an ideal name for a baby girl.




Oh yeah, I won’t put this in any order for importance. Maybe the ranking will be in an order. Yeah. That’ll do.



Okay! I am putting this in rank order by how well I think the song best describes me from what I found in the lyrics. These are not in a particular track order. Got it? Good.


10: Everyone Feels Like You- Owen

Mostly a note to myself when I pull myself out of a rut that everything sucks and no one knows what they are doing so I’m not alone.

9: I Feel So- Box Car Racer

At my lowest, I think of all the “shoulda” and “coulda” ‘s. I just wanna be things I probably am not or I wanna be things I am, but can’t see.

8: Out of Step ( With The World)- Minor Threat

The song is about being Straight Edge and I adhere to the belief. The words are fairly simple to understand the idea. I pick this one over “Straight Edge” because this song kinda explains it rather than being an anthem and this list is for songs that I think describe me.

7: What’s My Age Again?- blink-182

This one, to me, makes me think of where I am now. I think I posted something here once referencing lyrics from the song. I am at the age where I should probably grow up and be responsible, but inside I find it terribly dull and I’m still young enough to enjoy myself. I realize I should and I am trying to with finding a full time job to pay for bills and stuff, but I still wanna hold onto being awesome. I don’t wanna end up being all work and no play. I hate chores and when I get home from work, all I wanna do is play FIFA or Euro Truck or something. Cleaning and yard work? No thanks.

6: Don’t You Know Who I Think I Am?- Fall Out Boy

As you’d know from reading this blog, I don’t think very highly of myself and I feel like this song represents that. A lot of the times, I end up feeling sorry for myself when I get rambling about things.

5: Perfect Situation- Weezer

I’m not so keen about the specifics of the song, but a lot of this deals with low confidence and messing up things when they are so easy. That’s a typical Chas move.

4: Holiday- The Get Up Kids

Everyone I knew and who I was friends with have moved on in the world and I hardly hear from them. I have a secret Booker account which I hardly ever check, and even then, there was a 5ish year gap between college and now and I have no idea what they are up to anymore. This song sums up how I feel about them. Maybe I can see them on the holidays if I’m lucky. I feel like this will be a theme for the rest of my life.

3: Saturday- Fall Out Boy

More of a how I viewed myself in the past than anything song, but I still believe it is truthful today. I sometimes feel like I can do something great, but it won’t really materialize. I’ve been trying hard to get “my foot in the door” and I finally sorta do.

2: Worker BeeMotion City Soundtrack

I feel like I’m working hard and I think I’ll be appreciated…one day.

1: Even If It Kills Me- Motion City Soundtrack

I heard this song and it took me time to appreciate it, but I feel like I’ve been trying to do something good instead of wasting away, even though I have my quirks. Everyone does, right?


That’s it. I think this was a good list. I linked as many video-with-lyrics as I could.



See ya.