Hey Rad Blog!

It’s been a while but here it is. I got myself the Red Bull Red Version. Why haven’t I gotten around to writing about it yet? I just haven’t okay?!

I’ve seen these all over the place. There’s like 7 different colours (not sure on that) but I got Red since it was one of the original ones. This one is supposed to be cranberry flavoured too which is a good sign because Monster Rehab Rojo Tea was also cranberry and that one was my favourite so far.

Looking at my last post on Red Bull, I wasn’t a huge fan of it. I’m hoping with added flavour that it will taste slightly better. My brother says his friend drinks this one the most when he gets Red Bull so I’m hoping that it is the best.

Then again, I hope that this isn’t the best to come just in case I really don’t like it and the rest of the colours are even worse. Oh well! I guess I have no choice but to dive into this.

This looks slightly different from the original can. Instead of the cool blue and silver squares, we have a raging bull on the top and red around the can. Other than that, there’s not much else going on with it. Despite there not being any other designs, it still looks, to me, kinda busy. There’s a lot of words all over the place. Red is kinda big, but the Red Bull logo on the side kinda takes away from it. The bottom of the can too looks really busy with the smaller font.

As you can see, this is cranberry. I said it already, but looking at the can you can clearly see that I wasn’t lying about it.

Let’s get into the drink stuff itself.

Ah! On the back is the second bull charging at the one we can see on the front of the can. It is nice of them to put it right on top of the nutrition facts…not really. Luckily it doesn’t blend in, but to get around the bull, they made red rectangles where the facts are. Oh well.

160 calories. That seems like a lot. It is the same as the original so no problems with the flavouring. Oh yeah, serving size is this one can which is 12 fl oz. Still small and expensive for what it is.

0% total fat, 150 mg sodium, 41 g total carbs, 38g sugar, less than 1g of protein. Hmm. 38g of sugar makes me think this is going to be sweeter. That might be a good thing.

Oh? 1g less than original? Hmm.

140% niacin, 360% Vitamin B6, 12% Vitamin B12, 70% pantothenic acid. This is all the same as original.

Let’s see what the ingredients have different.

Carbonated water, sucrose glucose, citric acid, taurine, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium carbonate, caffeine, niacinamide, calcium pantothenate, pyridoxine HCL, Vitamin B12, natural flavors, colors.

Again. Colors?!

Tell me, how is this cranberry? This just has natural flavors. Sure. Natural. It is so vague. The Rojo Tea had some cranberry juice-like thing. Why can’t this?

Let’s move on to the taste and all that. I really hope this is red.

It is! It is red!

It smells pretty good actually. I can get a hint of medicine in the smell, but I totally get the cranberry smell too. It is less potent than I would like, but it is there.

This is kinda odd how it poured into the glass. It came out smoothly, but at the very end it got foamy at the top. I didn’t shake this either because it doesn’t say to shake it. At least I don’t think so…lemme look.

Well, it doesn’t say to not shake it. It does have that warning about drinking it if you are pregnant or a kid.

I also spotted a whole this is a drink for athletes and their long nights and performers and whatever at the top.

I’m avoiding the taste. Let’s get it on then!


Well, I can say for sure the medicine taste is very minimum. I absolutely taste cranberry which I’m surprised it stands out after looking at the ingredients. It was a bit stingy to start, but that goes away quickly.

I feel like this can be used to clean wounds. It kinda burns the spot where I bit my lip earlier.

Okay, maybe the cranberry taste isn’t as apparent as the more citrus taste. I can taste cranberry, but it is a lingering after-taste more so than anything. The initial impact is mostly citrus with a hint of cranberry, but I can absolutely say that the medicine taste is very minimal. Cranberry! Who knew it makes energy drinks taste better!

Yeah. I prefer this over the original. It isn’t very pleasant, but it is much more pleasant than the original Red Bull. I would pick this one if I was going for Red Bull.

Do I like it more or less than Rojo? Less. There’s no tea taste. I can see how someone might like this one, though.

The price per size of  the can holds me back. Picking up two of these Reds for 5 isn’t terrible. Only then would I get it again if I was in the mood for energy drinks, but other than that I’d probably get the Rojo Tea.

I give this an Australia out of Rad. Fair score.

Which Red Bull edition should I get next? Blue? White?

Tell me in the comments or else I’m just gonna pick up something. I still have one more Rip It for another day.

All right, Rad Blog. I’m off! See ya.


I’m already feeling the energy from this. I feel more…picked up? Not bad. I guess the price validates the energy. I’m looking at these drinks more for the taste rather than energy. I might monitor energy another time. Other posts? We’ll see.