Hey Rad Blog!


Boom. 3 posts in a day. Chas, what is going on with you? Well, reader person, I had a lot to write about today.


Today, I got this interesting soda while going to my favourite burrito place. They sell traditional Mexican sodas there and I like to get them. They are usually sorta interesting flavours like grapefruit and tamarind, but never have I seen an apple one before.


That is what this is! Apple soda! I asked the teenage girl who was at the cash register what this was and she wasn’t sure so she got the owner out who told me it was apple.


This looks pretty authentic Mexican.


Ah. Already disappointing. On the back, it says less than 1% apple juice. Hmm.


The bottle isn’t plastered with a bunch of stuff. There’s the logo on the front that says 12 fl oz and 140 calories per bottle. The bottle has a bit of design work on it with raised vertical lines and an apple with the name of the soda.


The nutrition facts and ingredients are pretty small too.


1 bottle is the serving. 140 calories, 0g fat. 130 mg sodium. 37g total carbs. 36g sugar. 0g protein. It goes on to say it isn’t a significant source of a bunch of other stuff like Vitamin C and Vitamin A. This is a soda. I didn’t expect it. This is gonna be a sweet soda! 36g of sugar!



Carbonated water, sugar, less than 1% of apple juice concentrate, natural flavor, citric acid (provides tartness), malic acid (provides tartness), sodium benzoate (to protect taste) caramel color.


Not much in this. Sugar, water, and very little apple juice.


I sure hope it tastes good because there doesn’t seem to be much in  this.


It is made in Mexico! It is distributed by some company in El Paso. Whatever. Let’s taste!


This is a bottle without a twist-off cap. Gotta bring out the opener.



The bubbles jump right out at me. Cool. It looks how it looks in the picture. Brown.


The smell isn’t that strong. It had a hint of a generic bubbly soda smell with some citrus, but it kinda disappeared.


Let’s have a taste.




Yes. It is basically soda water with a slight hint of apple. The apple is just so slight that you’d miss it if you didn’t know what it was. It is very sweet, like I expected. That’s good for a change because those energy drinks were…well, not.


Yes. It goes quite smoothly. Very refreshing actually. I guess it is the bottle that helps with that. Glass makes the taste better? Who knows.


Yeah. It is an all right soda. Nothing super notable about it other than the bubbly bubbles. Those are fun.


I got it for $1.25 at the burrito place. I suppose I’d pay that again. That’s a fair price.


Is it worth a test? Maybe. There isn’t a whole lot of flavour in this, but if you want a vaguely apple flavoured drink that’s refreshing and not juice, then go with this.


I’ll give it a free lunch out of Rad.


Now that I’m drinking it more, I taste more apple, but it isn’t very strong. It is like when you eat apple candy. Nothing will get as close to apple taste as a real apple, but this is okay. I still don’t know if I’d say it was apple if I was tasting this blindly.


Final thoughts? It is a pleasantly sweet soda with refreshing bubbles.