Hey Rad Blog.

I don’t have a lot of time this weekend so I’m doing this review on my phone. This is Rip It and I got it for a dollar at the Dollar Tree. Not bad considering it looks fairly promising and is a pretty good sized can. Now, the store had 3 types of Rip It. I bought two of them because the third was just a zero calorie and zero sugar version of this one.

Anyhow, I really don’t expect much from this as it was a dollar, but I’m super tired and I need a pep.

Luckily I took a sneak peak at the ingredients and there weren’t all that many.

Well I’m glad even cheap energy drinks have the don’t drink if you’re a kid warning. This was kinda upside down though but it was still there!

Let’s hop on to to the ingredients.

Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, sodium benzoate, salt, potassium sorbate, natural flavor, glyceryl abietate, maltodextrin, medoum chain triglycerides, calcium disodium edta, sucralose, yellow 5, yellow 6.

Hey! Yello dye! I love dye.

This sounds incredibly cheap. There’s a few boosters in it like maltodextrin but no ginseng or straight caffeine even though the “supplement facts” say theres 100mg. Thats right, it says supplement facts. This, apparently, is a vitamin. Not a lot from the looks.

70 mg Vitamin C which most of these energy drinks don’t have usually. 117% of your daily dose. There’s 2 servings so thats even more when I drink this entire can. 2mg of B6 yet its 101%? I think someone did the maths wrong…

100mcg of folate, whatever that is.

10 mgc of B12 and 105 mg of sodium. That’s a lot of sodium.

100 calories whereas other drinksbare usually 10 to 50.

1010 mg of taurine?! What? I think because it is supplement facts that these might be forged. I can’t believe there’s that much taurine in this when it isn’t even listed. 100mg of inositol. 3mg of guarana seed extract. Uh huh. I didn’t think the suppliment facts is where you would put that kind of info.


Oh yeah. What in the world is MGC? Millagrams centered? Thanks DuckDuckGo. It is Micrograms. That’s….probably even smaller than milligrams.

I think I’m gonna die when I drink this.

Well, let’s rip it open.

Oh yeah, I don’t know why but there’s so much crap on this can. Power. Rip it. A horse picture. Wild ride. Which is it? What is this even called?

Looks like Mountain Dew; smells of death.

Yeah, I kind of expected it to look like this. Yellow 5 and 6 means yellow drink to me.

Let’s have a taste.

Hmm. Actually, not horrible.

It tastes of Mountain Dew meets Hard Rock. I got the stinging and burning for 2 seconds and then a smooth rush. Hmm. Well, it probably is mostly water.

It sort of has a fruit taste but its beyond me which one. It’s just sort of generic citrus.

Not bad for a dollar but will it wake me up a bit? Time will tell.

Overall, not bad. Compared to the AriZona energy drink I had a while ago, I’d say this is on par with it. AriZona wins because it’s a huge can, but this isn’t a bad choice for taste if there’s nothing else around. I bet this is just Mountain Dew in a generic yet crazy looking can.

It is only sorta smooth and I say that because it starts out sharp but then it tastes of watered down soda. I don’t get the medicine taste at all from this which makes me further think that the supplement facts are total farce.

I’ll give it a dollar out of Rad. It gets what it’s worth.


POST EDIT! This did nothing for energy. This is basically Mountain Dew with a little extra kick.