Hey Rad Blog.


Oh look, a non drink reaction post! That’s a rarity these days, but I gotta tell you they are fun to write. I wouldn’t be writing it if I didn’t enjoy it. Apparently a lot of other people have to because I’m getting pretty good views on them every day. Usually I see any given day where I post is higher, but these numbers were consistent during the week. I know, I know. I don’t really care how many views I get, but when I see people checking my reactions, I get, dare I say, happy?


Yep. I am almost happy with this. I really do enjoy trying these drinks and sharing on this blog what I think of them. Don’t worry, this is not a drink review/reaction blog now. I know I’ve been writing a ton of them lately and I haven’t been writing personal stuff. In all honesty, I don’t have much to say about myself. I’ll write about me here for you.


I’m working. I work fairly regular hours and make more money that I have before. I like the job and never would I ever have expected I’d be doing sorta accounting work.


Besides that, I’ve been in a little slump with my outside of work and blogging life. I haven’t been playing a lot of Payday 2 because the heists are becoming too the same for me and I can never find a good group anymore. I guess all those late-night fellas don’t play earlier in the night. I can’t stay up until 4 am anymore because I’m already a mindless Chas staying up until 2 am for work at 9. Go to bed earlier? You’re having a laugh!

I’ve been playing this simulation game called Eurotruck Simulator 2. It is okay. All you do is drive a truck to and from big cities in Europe. They have European radios too. I keep mine on Oui FM which is supposed to be an alternative rock station, but I keep hearing Stevie Wonder. I guess the French must consider him alternative rock. It is better than the crappy alternative station here that plays Lorde! Lorde, no matter how you spin it, is most certainly not alternative. She is straight up pop. They also play other pop tunes which I guess you could argue could be placed in the alternative category like that horrible “Uma Thurman” song from new Fall Out Boy. I could go on about them, but I don’t feel like it.


Other news? The Women’s World Cup is going on but I haven’t paid much attention to it since the Red Flames aren’t playing. I guess I’ll support Canada then. Go host country.

I guess I can get on a tangent about me and Belgium. If you didn’t know, I decided to support Belgium’s national team. Am I Belgian? Not a huge part if any. Are they good all the sudden? Yes, but it wasn’t because of that I wanted to support them. There’s a player (or was. I might jinx it because in the last post where I said I think Villa will go down and I wanted Lambert to get sacked coincidentally saw him get sacked the very next day) named Christian Benteke who plays for Villa. He’s Belgian and he was awesome. I said something like wow Belgium must be pretty cool then if he’s from there. Then I saw other players like Marouane Fellaini, Romelu Lukaku, Axel Witsel, and Eden Hazard who were also all pretty good/cool and were Belgian. I decided that I wanted to support these guys because I figured they were young and could only go on to do awesome things.


This makes me sound like a total glory hunter. I suppose, but I fully intend to stick with them. They inspired me to learn French so I could understand their news even further. They might be good now, but if/when their form dips, I’ll still be there supporting the Red Devils.

That’s enough about them!


Working is good though. I like my job. I got a lot of work to do at my job all the time. There’s no sitting around here. Could I see myself doing this as a career? I don’t know. Maybe. I wouldn’t hate this as a career, so there’s that.


Okay. Enjoy the day. Red Bull Red coming soon.