Hey Rad Blog.


I’m doing this a little differently today with this drink reaction thing. You see, I tend to do my drink reactions with stuff I never tried before, but I can’t honestly say that with Red Bull.


That’s what brings me to this post! I am going to reflect on how I recall Red Bull and then re-drink today and see if it is a splendid revisit or a rude awakening.


I first recall Red Bull when I was a chappy in high school. It was edgy because we were “cool” now so people were underage drinking and putting it in their drinks or whatever. Me, being straight edge, did not part-take in such trivial pursuits. I did, however, have late night video game days with my friends. Like hooligans, we stayed up all night and we needed fuel. Most people stick with Mountain Dew, and so did we until we heard of these energy drinks that kept people up with tons of caffeine.  That was just what we needed as we would go through the night with gamebreakers and 99 live matches.

Not only did this drink keep you energized, but it gave you WINGS! Not literal wings, as we’d find out that later in life. The commercials had the silly cartoons, but there were also those cool sports ones with motorcross, skateboarding, and the awesome awesome airplane thing where they go through loops.


I used to work on Saturdays at the time. My friend and I ran the shop so for lunch we picked up Red Bulls to try. 6 bucks for two cans?! It better be worth it, we thought. It smelled kind of odd like gasoline and fruit, but I remember liking the taste a lot. We were in high school working for minimum wage so Red Bull kinda lost out to a case of Mountain Dew.


Anyway, I also knew a guy in my English class who drank 2 cans a day. He must have had rich parents. I think drinking them messed with his head.


After a while, we heard how bad it was for the body and then there was a rumour that there was bull “junk” in it which gave it its taste…which I think is just a rumour, right?


Oh my…so taurine, which is in Red Bull is a synthetic version of what is found in infant milk formula or breast milk. According to Red Bull though, it is completely synthetic. No worries. No Bull Junk or urine or anything. I wasn’t concerned anyway.


Anyhow! We never really had a ton of Red Bull as youngin’s, but I did recall the taste and I liked it.


Years later, I decided to do drink reactions/review things here and I have joined in on the energy drink craze. I don’t really remember Red Bull, but the price kinda woke me up, man! Red Bull is expensive. I can’t tell you it isn’t. This is a 12 oz can that was $2 for 5. That was a sale price. Regular price is about 3 bucks so I guess I got a good deal. This is a 12 oz can where as I can pay 3 bucks for a Monster 15.5 oz can. Will the taste match the price? I don’t know if I still hold it in high esteem. I did when I was 15!


Today, Red Bull has its hold on sports as it did when I was 15. They have a MLS team in New York and one in Austria I think. There was a rumour I think last season that Red Bull was going to buy Aston Villa and all the fans got up in arms about being called Red Bull Villa. Personally, I think it would be a cool name, but Aston Villa sounds better. Aston Red Bulls? It never happened and Gerard Houllier, who does stuff for Red Bull now apparently and a former Villa manager,  said it wasn’t ever gonna happen.


I’ve always like the logo. It is way better than Monster’s slash-thing. The can says vitalizes the mind and body. They might not be lying, but “revitalize” kind of sounds like a nice way of saying “pumping tons of caffeine in you so you can go go go.”


I took a look at the nutrition facts and ingredients earlier when I bought this. Let’s see if you are as shocked as I was.


Carbonated water, sucrose, glucose, citric acid, taurine, sodium biacarbonate, magnesium carobonate, caffeine, niacinamide, calcium pantothenate, pyridoxine HCL, Vitamin B12, natural and artificial flavors, colors.


Colors?! What natural and artificial flavours?! This doesn’t exactly say it is a fruit blend like their new series (coming soon). On top of that, what do I see? Way less stuff in this. Monster and company have all those ingredients that I can’t pronounce. I know they are energy enhancers or whatever, but they should take a note from Red Bull here. I can pronounce most of this stuff in this. Yeah, I know taurine is probably really terrible for me, but that combination of all that stuff isn’t?


Our warning is there again saying don’t let the kiddos drink this or pregnant and nursing women have it either.


Also! This has the actual Vitamin B12 in it and not some derivative. At least, from the ingredients, they don’t. I can’t really 100% back that claim but from what I see it is not from cyanovobslsmin or whatever.


Nutrition Facts now.


180 calories. Yep. Right there is a huge jump from my other energy drinks. Monster advertises itself as 10 calories per serving. This can is 1 serving and it is 160 calories. Must be the taurine. It would make sense because if taurine is found in breast milk, I would assume it is so babies gain weight/maintain weight.

150 mg of sodium. 0g of total fat. 40g total carbs which I think is more than other energy drinks. Yep. A lot more. Less sodium though. 39 g of sugar. That’s a lot more in that too. So, hopefully it is sweeter than the other energy drinks.


What I look for in these is how well it masks that medicine taste. Monster did well with Rojo tea. I have faith in Red Bull to mask it with all this sugar.


Here’s the big numbers. 140% Niacin. 360% Vitamin B6. 120% Vitamin B12. 70% Pantothenic Acid.


360%! 1 percent for every day of the week. Jeeze. That’s what blew me away. I was used to seeing a lot in the other energy drinks, but 360% takes the chocolate cake.


For past and future readers and Chas, Pantothenic acid is Vitamin B5.


So, shall we open it? Let’s see if the taste I built in my mind from the past still is there.


No shaking. It is carbonated.

Oh…It kinda does look like urine. I get where the rumours come from. It kinda smells like…urine too. Oh dear. What am I getting myself into now? It reminds me of that Hard Rock original smell too. Eerp. Not a good sign so far. Come on Red Bull. Let’s have a go.




Well, it certainly is sweeter than the Hard Rock, but that taste is there. It must be taurine I dislike. I can only imagine that this bad taste is taurine, but Red Bull is nice enough to add sugar to kill it. EDIT! Nope, Monster has Taurine too. I don’t know what it is then. Maybe it was the tea in the Monsters that made it better. This also isn’t blue so I feel less like I’m drinking Windex and more like I’m drinking bull urine. Pros and cons?


I will give it this though, it is a lot smoother than the Hard Rock, but it still isn’t very good. Maybe I got an extra sweet one back in the day. It kinda stings the longer I keep it in my mouth.


Eh. No. Sorry Red Bull. Not as good as 15 year old Chas though. No. I think I was more into the whole “ooh my parents say this is bad for me” so the thrill took over in taste.


Sadly, this is way not as good as I hoped. I don’t really have desire to drink Red Bull again…but I have another can here. Yep.


Coming up soonish, I will be doing the Red Bull colours. I have the red one already since it was cranberry and Rojo tea was cranberry.


Lemme have another taste.


No. It really isn’t that good. IT does have a sort of gasoline taste, but it is kinda like a siren. I keep drinking more and more. I wasn’t as inclined with Hard Rock original. Something different?


If you like taurine, I’d say go with Hard Rock because it is cheaper and in a bigger can. Red Bull is the original, but for its price and size, I wouldn’t recommend it.


The after taste, well there isn’t. That makes it better than Hard Rock by a mile for me. In fact, if I had to say if there was an after taste, it would be more of a sweet lingering than anything.


Out of Rad? This gets a dead batteries out of Rad. Would not recommend. Sorry young Chas, it isn’t good. Good thing you stuck with Mountain Dew as gamer fuel. I’m sure my stomach won’t be thanking me for this tomorrow.

I gotta say though, the initial taste goes away quick enough that this is only mildly unpleasant.