In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma.”

Rad Blogo.


So, hey, I’m doing a prompt again. I got 20 mins so let’s roll.


Something that people don’t know about me, eh? I’m pretty open so I’ll have to think hard about this. The things people don’t know about me are kinda trivial when it comes to being secrets. I also share a lot of stuff on this blog, so there’s not a whole lot to say.


I guess I could say how and why I broke my hand, but that story will take way longer than 20 mins. I probably could write a book on that subject.


I guess I don’t mention that I used to be sorta athletic. When I was a youngin’ I used to play baseball, football (soccer), and basketball. I ended up hating baseball and basketball as I got older and football fell by the wayside because I sucked and was interested in track and field. I was a sprinter and a fairly good one at that too. When I was still in grade school, I was one of the school’s best 200 meter runners and I did 100 meters as well. By the end of my time, my love for football came back and I played that again. I played central defense mostly, but they had me on right back and right attacking midfield too. I was better at defense. Heck, I even played in goal a couple of games, but I was way bad at it. Our primary keeper wasn’t there so I volunteered to play in his place. This left our central defense wide open with a really small and not as strong kid there. Our keeper usually wasn’t tested so much because I was a sort of rock there, but without me to defend, I had to kill myself playing keeper. I let in so many goals because the defense fell apart.


In high school, my football career ended because of issues with the coach and other stuff, but I kept with track. I was much smaller than the other runners, but I still had speed. I’m a short guy so when I got older, sports got harder since I couldn’t compete with the size of the other players. They were mostly American Football players doing track as well. I still ran a decent 200 and 100 meter. I was like a gator in the sense that I was super fast for short bursts and that was it. It is like using Yoshi in Mario Kart. He starts off fast, but Wario, the best character, is fat and is overall faster despite his acceleration being rubbish.


Also, the track coach made fun of me relentlessly. He was more playful-mean rather than hurtful-mean. I listened to him and did what he asked so when he taking the Mick to me, it wasn’t so bad. It was enough for me to resent him though, mind you! I hate people that are mean to me even though they are just trying to be funny or cool. Telling a young Chas that he better run to the end of the town and back before the captain of the team does or else I have to do 10 laps extra and then the captain didn’t even run is NOT a cool thing to do to me!


I used to be buff too. We had weight lifting as a part of track. I was weak compared to everyone else, but I could still lift pretty well. I miss it, kinda. I wanna get back into weights and stuff, but I also don’t wanna do the running part because pollen is the worst thing ever. I also try to play football as much as possible because I love it, but no one here likes it. They all wanna play that lame lacrosse game. As Hoxton says (loosely) “How’s Sheffield Wednesday doing? All we ever got was news about hockey. A girl’s game, that is.” That’s how I feel about lacrosse.


Time to go. See you. Sports and Chas. This could be a sports and stuff post almost.