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What is this, Chas? I thought you said you’d do another reaction thing NEXT weekend?!

Yeah, yeah. I know. This was just too good to pass up so I had to do it. I saw it today while grocery shopping and, man, I have never heard of such an odd flavour. Lime and cucumber? Never have I thought there’d be a Gatorade like this.

There’s a lot of Spanish writing on this so it made me think that it was some Hispanic country-exclusive. I did find it in the bargain grocery store that usually has different/interesting things.


This was only a dollar too! Aren’t Gatorades of this size usually like 2 to 3 bucks? This flavour was with 2 others, orange peach and citrus watermelon. Of course I went with the more bizarre one of the bunch.


Let’s get the basics of this.


I don’t really like to drink straight up Gatorade without being active, but I’ll make an exception for this one.

So, the bottle is kind boring except one side where it says “Limon Pepino” which is Spanish for, I guess, lime cucumber since it says it above it. Seriously, the Spanish is really large while the English is tiny. There’s 80 calories per serving. There’s more calories in this than the Monster! I just like that there’s Spanish all over this like “Nuestro Sabor” which I think means our flavour. No fruit juice so…how is this lime? How is this cucumber? Wait, wait. No “fruit” juice. It says nothing about vegetable! There’s hope!


Let’s look at the facts first.

Per serving.

80 calories. 160 mg but that doesn’t surprise me since Gatorade is basically salty water. 45mg of potassium, 21g total carbs. That’s a lot. 21g of sugar.

Is it me or is this almost as bad as Monster? I don’t judge by the nutrition facts. I’d be a hippo-crite.


What’s in this? Thankfully, there’s way less than what I normally drink.


Water, sugar, dextrose, citric acid, natural and artificial flavor, salt, sodium citrate, monopotassium phosphate, gum arabic, glycerol ester of rosin, yellow 5, blue 1.


No cucumber or lime anywhere. What gives?!

Oh yeah, there’s 2.5 servings in this. I guess I’ll drink it all if I like it.  I’m not gonna bother describing the colour of it because you can clearly see it in the picture provided. If someone blind has someone else reading this to him or her, I apologize and would like to ask the reader to please describe the colour to him or her.


I got distracted. Let’s have a taste. I prefer my Gatorade warm anyway. No shake well. I feel like I should shake it anyway.

Phew! It smells way like a cucumber. Wow. Whatever chemicals are in that artificial flavor bit hit the nail on the head there. I’m actually amazed how much this smells like freshly cut cucumber. All right. Let’s have a taste.

That was a very strange taste.

At first, I get a blast of lime but it fades faster than anything and boom, there’s the cucumber. Then I get a faint aftertaste of the cucumber and salt. It isn’t terrible, but it is certainly not something I ever expected to come in a drink form.

I need another sip.

Yep. They got the cucumber taste down. Not really convinced on the lime. It tastes way synthetic to be a believable lime. The cucumber has a natural taste, but the aftertaste has a hint of artificial. It is pretty darn strong too, the cucumber taste I mean.


Yeah, I’ll finish this, but not in one sitting. This is not a drink I’d probably get again. I think I’ll stick with the more “tame” flavours. This is worth a taste for the novelty though!


I give it a Jack Black out of Rad.

Gatorade is for active folk. If I was an athletic person, this wouldn’t be my first choice in thirst quenchers, but if I was a health food guy, I’d probably like this. If I wanted a healthy drink, I would probably go for something else as well.