Rad Blog.


I’ve been thinking about some stuff I read this week on and off and I now feel like writing about it. These might be responses to the daily prompts, but I cannot be certain.


My job is going well. It is a lot harder, but I like it. I feel useful for once and that’s something I’ve been begging for in the past years. That’s all I want. Is that what everyone wants? I suppose so. Then again, there’s some people that want to suck up a living by doing nothing, but I can’t really go into that because it world verge on my hate-blogging which I swore off a long time ago even if the general consensus is that said people I think do nothing for a living actually do nothing and are famous.


That’s besides the point, Rad Blog. I am feeling useful for the first time in a long time. Heck, this might be the first time in my life I genuinely feel useful. I won’t linger on this because lingering is bad. That was a prompt post for today. It was about how lingering is good, but I say lingering is bad. Lingering on an idea in general keeps people from moving forward. I should take my own advice I suppose. I also say lingering on the good is a bad idea because, in my case, every time I appreciate the good I have, everything ends up sucking in the end. I’ve been bracing for the worst my entire life and every time I let myself think something good is happening, I get destroyed. It is like boxing. I won’t let my guard down. I am happy that I feel useful for once, but I know it will end. It is going to end come September and then I’ll be back to being useless or rather feeling useless.

Lingering. I think of The Cranberries. I never lingered on good parts of life. I have always been never forgive-never forget. It isn’t healthy. When I do have good, it is too good for me, at least I feel like it is. The good parts I try to remember are just moments in a year-long drought of anything good.


Move along, Chas. New transition before you depress everyone and yourself. You’re feeling okay right now and that’s a plus.

Maybe not okay, but more like less not okay. That’s it.


Sockman wrote about kids these days and their hi-jinx. Hmm. I think that was the first time I used that on this blog. Go ahead, search the records. Good luck with that.

He got me thinking of a pretty unrelated post to his, but it kind of went along with some things he said. It made me think of my disconnection with the world. When I was just graduating high school and probably post-war, I decided I was sick of people so I left Booker. I stayed off Booker until recently and even now I have like 2 friends and I only use it to play Caddy Shaq because…Shaq. Do I need another reason?


Anyhow, I know kids these days through Birdman. I am only on Birdman for the football, but today’s mumbo jumbo is there too sometimes. I can’t understand the mentality of today. I don’t get why people obsessed over some dress and which colour it was. I can’t understand why people write things a certain way like “af” or “yas” or “doe.” It is the phrasing that makes me feel uneasy. “That feeling though.” What do you mean by that? Which feeling? Of course I wrote it comprehensibly, but I just don’t understand why language has come to this.


When I was still in college, I had a professor that was very much into how language was shaped. I took a class on it actually called “Punctuation and The English Language” or something like that. In that class we talked about how punctuation and language had changed throughout history. It was a pretty interesting class, in retrospect. The class touched upon the history, but not so much why it changed. This is where my “but why?” comes in for today’s language.


If you read my stuff enough, you know I hate acronyms because I tend not to know what they are supposed to stand for nor care. I understand they are used to shorten things, but now people are ending sentences with just letters. This makes think that eventually in the future, is language just going to be a jumble of single letters? Will my posts end up looking like: t tf? No?


I guess I’m out of touch with the culture too. Everyone is taking their on picture and they gotta post it to social media and whatnot. People get paid for these sorts of things too, which I guess could almost be like modeling, but much more accessible with smart phones. I guess as someone that cannot stand his own appearance and will not take his own picture, I have become quite cynical of it. It isn’t like I hate it, but I just think it is kinda dumb. I don’t think much of it other than, “Okay, it is a picture.”

So, I might be out of step with the world, but I don’t see it as a loss. I just don’t care anymore. I used to want to be all in the spotlight where I’d chat on forums, but those days have passed.


That’s what I was reflecting on and that’s really all I have to say about it.