Hey Rad Blog.

I haven’t had a lot to say lately. I am on break now so I thought I’d post something. Pardon the errors since the new Android update made everything suck. Why does Google have a habit of being able to make everything worse? I swear, I’m going to go Windows when this phone is paid off in about a year.

I’m really interested in my French right now. I really enjoy learning it which never happened when I decided to take German in college and was forced to learn Spanish in grade school and beyond. Maybe I was taking the wrong language then. I tried to learn some Irish but that looks and sounds too hard so I didn’t do it. I’m actually interested in maybe trying Russian.

I saw a video a little while back where this 17 year old guy knew like 30 languages and most of them he knew fluently. He’s called a polyglot. I doubt I have that ability but I think it’s pretty cool.

Maybe I’ll do some streaming this weekend. I have a long weekend coming so I have time for it. Expect a video soon too. I’m paying homage to Jonny C’s new project he has on YouTube. I’d link it but I am in my phone. It’s called TCGamers though if you wanna look it up and see it. He’s opening packs of Pokemon or YuGiOh cards. Not really my sort of thing, but he enjoys it so I’m happy for him. I’m going to open cards too, just something different. It’ll be rad. Trust me on that.

I kinda have this hope that I can write an entire blog post in French. That would be fun though no one would understand it. Unless you are French.

In the first days of the blog, I wrote a lot about me wanting to date a French girl. Since then, I do not have a French girlfriend, but my Queen is even better. Maybe I’ll teach her French though I highly doubt she’ll want to learn it. She was trying to learn Dutch which is okay since Belgians speak French and Dutch and I like Belgium.

Break is almost done and I had a nice time writing this. I’d do it more but phone typing is so tedious.