Hey Rad Blog.


I haven’t had a whole lot of time to write lately because I’ve been hard at work. Going to bed at 2 am to wake up a few hours later for work is not easy. I’m going back to my tired days. I almost remember these from high school where I’d do the same thing. Back then I was pretty immune to it. I have lost that immunity, but I’m hoping in a few weeks it will build back.


I had some thoughts and stuff. It probably doesn’t make a lot of sense because I’m moving slowly mentally.


Speaking of high school a little bit ago, I, like many others, were pretty much forced into a second language class. I took Spanish at the time because that’s the only thing they taught in grade school. In the class, we were assigned “Spanish names.” I was always Carlos or Carlito. I preferred Carlito since that sounds less formal sounding. Well, one class, the teacher didn’t want us to pick a name that “translated” to our angelo name. That is what brings me to my sleepy thoughts.


Why are these names “translations?” Why is Carlos supposedly Charles in Spanish? Carlos and Charles are two different names in my opinion. Sure, they might be similar, but they aren’t the same to me. Is Joseph and Josef the same? Is Stephan and Steven the same? They are all just names. What is my French name then? Claude? How about German? Japanese?


I guess what I’m trying to say is the whole “oh your name in Spanish is this” is kinda dumb.


When I couldn’t be Carlito, I was Miguel. Why? I liked El Dorado as a kid.


I’ve kind of come to terms with my inferiority complex a little. I was playing Payday 2 and I was with a bunch of pretty skilled players. I played like rubbish and the ol’ complex came to say hello to me. I got all “well, I suck” which in turn makes me play even worse, but it didn’t last long because I realized that it is true. I do suck at the game. I am naturally bad at video games. There’s a reason why I only play on easy and normal. Accepting the fact that I’m bad and not some growing to be good player makes life much easier for me. Someone’s got to be the weakest link. I might as well accept it and keep moving. If the other guys had a problem with it, they could have kicked me from the game. They didn’t seem to care.



I went to the grocery store today and there were a lot of gnats. Gnats are stupid.


I’ve been eating a lot of Ben & Jerry ice cream. It is really expensive, but the three I’ve had were okay. I tried Phish Food, Chocolate Therapy, and Tonight Dough. Chocolate Therapy was the best. Phish Food was good too, but that frozen marshmallow was hard to scoop. Tonight Dough is pretty eh just like James’ show. I guess it fits his personality. I won’t go further with that since my hate-blogging is so 2 years ago.


Flying Lotus is still good stuff. Since Grooveshark died, I have found something sorta to replace it. It isn’t Spotify. Thank goodness.


I’ve been listening to a lot of Ólafur Arnalds again. I like his calming piano stuff. I used to listen to him a lot when I was in my Icelandic phase. I’ve also been listening to a lot of Explosions in the Sky and 65daysofstatic. Well, more specifically We Were Exploding Anyway by 65daysofstatic. They are a bit too industrial sounding sometimes for me while Explosions in the Sky have more of an ambient feel. This music stuff is fun to write about. Maybe I should write more on music.

TOKiMONSTA is still cool. I guess I like her Half Shadows album the best since I think it is my most listened to by her. I just like a few individual songs like “Soul to Seoul,”  “Day Job,” and “Fool.”

The only problem with this replacement for Grooveshark is that it plays really poor quality songs sometimes. Thus is life. Grooveshark was a great thing. I miss it terribly. Maybe I take a look at Spotify. I hear it is a ripoff. I also hear that they don’t have a great library too. Me, being into not-so-popular things might not be too happy with all their stuff.


I think I said before that I’m into colognes and stuff. I’m pretty poor, so I can’t afford the really good high end stuff, but I got some samples of stuff from Hugo Boss and Lacoste. I’ll have to have a bit of it on Friday. Maybe I will go to the boardwalk on Friday. I am off now on Fridays because of the new job. I got 3 day weekends. Good stuff.


Hmm. The Boss one looks okay but the Lacoste one is pretty polarized. I’ll have to see what I think. I tried this cologne that smelled like straight gasoline. It reminded me of that Hard Rock energy stuff.


Speaking of which, I saw another interesting energy drink at the store that I’ll probably try. I think it was called High Ball.


I’m gonna rest for the rest of the night. See ya. Enjoy your whatever this is.