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I was originally going to only have both Hard Rock drinks to review, but I found this and it caught my eye. As a hardcore AriZona fan, Snapple isn’t usually my go-to drink since they are kinda rivals. Snapple is also usually more expensive, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it!


This caught my eye because of the punny name. Lady Libertea makes me all ready for the 4th of July, but…it is May.


This said “For a Limited Time” so I figured I shouldn’t wait. I might as well give it a try, right?


For starters, this looks like pretty much any other Snapple drink. It is in the usual glass bottle and it has their colourful label on the outside. I like the Statue of Liberty spikes on the front.


Snapple really wants you to know that it is made from the best stuff on earth so they place it on the label. What stuff? We’ll soon find out.


This drink sounds like an herbal iced tea. The label says it should taste like red raspberry, white peach, and blueberry tea. Red, white, and blue! How patriotic.

On the top of the label it says “Natural raspberry, peach, & blueberry flavor with other Natural Flavors.” Er. Okay.

There’s just a silly excerpt on the side saying Snapple loves America and New York since that’s where they are from (Hey, AriZona is from New York too.) and I should raise this bottle for America! Huzzah!

I like this, Snapple! Short on your ingredients which makes me less worried about dying.


Let’s take a look at them.


Oh..lord. This is all “smart” so I’ll write it as I see it.

“Our real tea starts with the finest tea leaves and is made from filtered water, sugar, tea, citric acid, natural flavors.”

So…no juice? I suppose they must have taken the raspberry, peach, and blueberry and made it into a little powder and put it in the tea, which by the way, is mentioned twice? Double tea? I suppose there isn’t much like gum arabic or ester gum of rosin which a lot of these drinks have (AriZona). This would be the natural choice I suppose. It all means very little in the end if I don’t like the taste!


Eh, not much to say about the nutrition facts. 29g of sugar.


Oh yes! This is Harold approved.



Shake well! Okay! Oh yes the cap says made from the best stuff on earth too. Catch phrase ahoy! Let’s see what the fact is too!


I actually do like Snapple. Being that I am poor, I usually go for AriZona though. Snapple had a bunch of good flavours from Donald Trump’s show that I bought up when I saw it.


Here’s your fact of the day!


Women’s hearts typically beat faster than men’s hearts.


I think I heard that before.


Let’s have a look at it.


Well! It certainly smells good and you can see what it looks like through the bottle. It looks like tea. It smells a lot like blueberry and a little of peach. Yes. I very much smell blueberry.


Taste time!




It doesn’t have a very strong taste. Tastes a lot like water at first and then the after taste is very raspberry. Let’s have another. I would say this is a white tea since the tea taste is very light. They don’t specify which kind of tea leaves they use. Yes. This tastes of white tea and raspberry with a blueberry/peach smell to it.


Hm. On the front says it is black tea. It doesn’t taste like that to me. It is far too light for a black tea unless they used very little tea and more fruit powder. I’m shaking it up again for good measure. I did give it a good shake.


Hmm. No. Not much difference. Maybe a bit more peach taste, but the tea isn’t apparent enough for me.


This isn’t bad, but not that great. I’d say stick with original Snapple if you’re a fan of it. This gets a pass from me. The aftertaste is nice, but I would much rather like it to taste more like tea. It was too weak for me.


I’ll give it a Seattle Sounders out of Rad.


Oh yeah, much better in taste than that Hard Rock stuff. Blech!


Part 2 of that is coming…soon.