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I have a headache from engaging in my least favourite past time that is mowing the lawn. I hate it so much. It always provides me with a headache that I think would rival a hang over, but instead of partying it up and losing brain cells, I’m doing dirty work outside where the grass and dust sucks. I’m sure it is worse in other places, but I don’t care. I freakin hate it.


So, I’m hoping a caffeinated kick will help kill it. This drink is something I’ve never seen before. I’m not even sure it is a national product or just a local thing. Well, it looks like from the back that it is national. I’ve just never heard of it before. Maybe I’m just late to the party.


This is the Hard Rock Energy drink. Hard Rock has a chain of restaurants but I haven’t been to one. Is it a restaurant? It is called the Hard Rock Cafe. Anyhow, it looks cool. Reminds me of that Rock Star energy drink I had when I was a kiddo and I didn’t like it. Anything amusing on this can? The art is kinda neat. Oh! This is! There’s a warning!

“This product contains 100mg of caffeine per serving. It is not recommended for children, pregnant or nursing women, or those sensitive to caffeine. Please enjoy and drink responsibly. ”


Thanks Hard Rock for that warning.


This is also kinda cool because they give you a website to buy the guitar featured on the can. I thought it was just a picture of one to make the air of rock. Nope. apparently it is an advertisement. Okay then.

There’s 2 servings in this can. For the size and price, I can’t complain. I think this was $1.50 and I got the fruit punch variety too SPOILER ALERT FOR FUTURE DRINK REACTIONS!


Have I mentioned it is hard to write with a messed up headache from mowing the lawn? It bloody is.


Ingredients. Thank goodness there isn’t a lot.


Carbonated water, sugar, citric acid, taurine, natural and artificial flavors, caffeine, inositol, sodium benzoate (preservative), potassium sorbate (preservative), niacinamide, calcium pantothenate, pyridoxine HCL, Blue 1, cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12).


Ladies and gentlemen, this drink is Harold approved! No high fructose corn syrup!


This drink also doesn’t mess around like Monster and Kickstart did with all this herbal caffeinated stuff. This drink has them, but it is mostly powered by caffeine. Maybe that means that terrible medicine taste won’t be around?


Other facts? 27g of total carbohydrates, 26g of sugar; 1g of protein! Huh! Protein in this? Cool. 100% niacin, 80% Vitamin B12, 250% Vitamin B6, 50% Pantothenic acid. 250%?! Jeeeeeze. This whole can is a whopping 500% of your daily Vitamin B12 use. I think that should make me violently ill. Oh well! Let’s open it and have a pour.


Oh my word! This is seriously the colour of Windex! I am going to drink Windex?!  It is bubbly. The smell isn’t bad. It reminds me of death and lemons. It…kinda is intoxicating. It is drawing me in like “Come Chas, enjoy this nectar. I’ll take your headache away…but you’ll die because this is Windex.”


This reminds me of Mass Effect 2 when you get a drink from the Batarian bartender and he poisons you. If I die, I leave the Rad Blog to Piplup.

Taste time!


Oh…no. No. Blech!


Jeeze this is foul. This has no flavour undertone and it is straight up medicine taste. This probably is how Windex tastes. There’s nothing to soften it. Nope. Oh it is just bitter and sharp and bubbly. Let’s have another taste. Oh it stings! It makes my eyes water. It really does make me think this is what chemicals taste like. Hopefully the fruit punch one redeems this drink for me because this makes me cry. It is not pleasing. Hopefully the caffeine kick helps, because this is not a drink you’d have to enjoy. This is not sit on the porch on a cool summer day to watch the sunset with your best girl (or guy. I don’t judge).


You know how I say in some of my reactions that a drink is smooth? This is NOT smooth. It burns on the way down.


I hope to High Hrothgar that this helps my headache. If it doesn’t, I’m gonna be aching and have this horrible drink to remember.


On the plus side, and this is a big plus for this drink, there is no lingering aftertaste! That’s what a ton of these energy drinks do, too. All of them have a medicine taste that will stay until forever, but this is like a kick in the jollies and then the pain is gone. If you can get over the initial bad taste, I’m sure the energy will kick in and give you a boost.

That’s not enough for me. Do I rate this higher than Kickstart? No. The taste isn’t there. Will I buy this again? Nope. I am just pleased it isn’t 100% terrible.


This gets a Chance Time out of Rad.


Hard Rock, I hope fruit punch is better.

Post Edit: my headache is slightly better but it’s still there. That might be from the Sudafed I took earlier too. I’m feeling less like a balloon though so that’s good. Apparently people enjoyed this taste too. Eh… Maybe I’m just not used to energy drinks and their taste but this was not pleasant to me so therefore I don’t like it!

On a side note, people enjoyed the fruit punch more so there’s hope!

Suplex Edit: I have felt the kick 100% and my headache is gone. The after effects might just be worth the taste.