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I have found it! After (what a year?) of searching for the great Shaq Fu Punch-line (pun aside), I have finally found it and bought the store’s entire supply! Shaq Fu Punch is here!


This is the grape flavour and they only had grape. Begging Chas can’t be a Choosey Chas. I’m so happy I found this.


If you know, I was quite fond of the Soda Shaq drinks and sadly I cannot find them anymore.


Let’s take a look at the bottle. Notice, I say bottle and not can. This comes in a plastic bottle with the label affixed to it. I don’t think I’ll keep the bottle and carefully take the label off for my Hall of Shaq.

I like the art on this. Not pictured, the AriZona logo is quite cool. It is very superhero-like. Shaq looks cool as a cartoon. He kinda has the Shaq Fu look from the game (which was bad. I have it). The purple and blue are cool together and I like the Asian inspired font for the “All Natural” and the “Grape” at the top. The Shaq Fu Punch is just dynamic.


On the other side it says Vitamin C fortified. Is that true? Sorts. It has 25% Vitamin C on the side so this isn’t like a great source of it.


Hmm. AriZona you disapoint me with the nutrition facts. 2.5 servings in this bottle? This is smaller than the cans and those are usually 2 servings.

10% juice too. This isn’t something you’d give to the kiddos, but lucky for me, I don’t have any nor will I have any! This is all MINE!

Nothing much on this to write about. 23g of total carbohydrates and 22g of sugar. That’s kinda like a soda. Maybe this will taste like a soda! 90 calories too. Not healthy, but I’ve got Shaq Fu Punch so I don’t care!

Ingredients: filtered water, high fructose corn syrup (glucose fructose syrup), grape juice from concentrate, pear juice from concentrate, apple puree, lemon juice from concentrate, citric acid, natural flavors, fruit and vegtable juice, pectin, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), gum acacia, ester gum


Not a whole lot. A lot of juice though! 10%. I suppose it is mostly water then. Nick would like it. Harold would not. Not Harold approved.


Chas approved so far! It has grape juice! Just like it said! It said it was the grape variety and what was the first juice listed? Grape! How hard is that to do, OTHER COMPANIES?


So, I’m getting to the good pat. I won’t be pouring this in a glass. Okay, I will. This is for review purposes so a glass is for me to check it out and look at it.


Shake well!

Well! It certainly smells like grape! It kicks you right in the nostrils.


It is what you’d expect grape juice to look like. It is purple and smells of grape juice. Is that what I think it will taste like? Well, I think it is gonna be more sour because of the lemon juice in it, but I also suspect it will just taste fruity. I’m hoping that it tastes more fruity than watery too.


A sip!


Hmm. No, not sour, but it doesn’t taste like grape juice. This totally has the punch thing. It has that flavoured water feel to it actually. It is like using those water flavour packets. It isn’t bad because there’s an actual juice taste to it too. It is just very watered down. Grape juice is usually bitter to me but this kinda absorbs it so it tastes a bit more smooth. I like the lemon undertone. I can taste it. I wonder if I could if I didn’t read the ingredients?

Yep, it isn’t bad. I could see me buying this when I’m in the mood. I kinda prefer AriZona’s tea, but this works just as fine when the stores are having 2 for 1 AriZona sales like I got for this one.


I enjoyed this. It doesn’t have a ton of sugar either. It is sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. I don’t recall any sugar in this actually.


I can’t give it a Rad out of Rad, but I will give it a Falcon Punch out of Rad. That’s a good mark.


I’ll try to find the two other flavours of this, but don’t hold your breath! It took me this long just to find grape. It also comes in strawberry and pineapple. I’m looking forward to the pineapple. I usually like AriZona’s strawberry stuff having Golden Bear Strawberry as my favourite and Strawberry Shaq Soda was okay I suppose. We’ll see.