Hey Rad Blog. My mind is kinda dead right now. time for a prompt. Not that Daily Post stuff today. I found some sorta cool thing online. There was a picture and everything. It is from one of those fancy Tumblar things.


Click the thing to go to the Tumblar page thing. As you can tell, I am not feeling so proper. I’ll try my best. I’ve had a long day.


Oh here comes the title theme! DO DEEE DOOO DUM DADA DO DEEEEEEEEEE. Staring Chas Rad as himself. There’d be like images of my life of me doing things like playing Rock Band drums or kicking a decent free kick or maybe when I closed my leg in the car door for hilarity.

You ever see the show called Glee? Yeah? No? Well, I have. On the show they say last time on Glee and the dude goes on a long-winded run on run off of everything that happened in the season so far.  Which season is this for Chas? I guess this season is post college so we’ll go with that.


Last time on Chas Rad Life, Chas graduated from college after being 2 hours early for his own graduation prompting him to be as grumpy and as sarcastic as ever where he played Angry Birds instead of listening to some key speaker say everything was going to be fine when clearly everything wasn’t. Chas spent the next year doing odd jobs for a temp agency that probably didn’t remember his name and driving his car all over North Jersey where he learned how much he didn’t like detours and how much he liked Shaq Soda. Eventually he gets a job, but it is only on call at first, but Chas is awesome and eventually gets regular hours. Chas and Katie hang out a bunch and are also awesome. Chas gets to look at bison and wears a cowboy hat. Chas writes a bunch of posts on how stupid things are and how much he hates his degree and rues the day he graduated. His mind is less lingering on the War but it goes back occasionally. Chas gets a stoke of luck where he’s offered a temporary job at higher pay and says he’ll take it but at the same time has a phone interview for a full time job which remains in the shadows.


That’s all you need to know about Chas Rad’s Life!


Seriously, though, that’s all that happened in the recent years. Did I do the prompt correctly? I totally based it off a former television show. Maybe I shoulda added more obscure stuff like Chas kills another computer and Chas watches Aston Villa play in Philadelphia. Maybe even more obscure like Chas watches Gildem ramble on about his therapist in a drunk Let’s Play.

There isn’t a whole lot to say about this. I honestly thought I’d have more to say about this prompt thing. I might give them another go. The Daily Post prompts haven’t been inspiring. I’ll answer all the “eh” ones right now.

Today (27 April) Do I have an animal? No. Why not? Don’t really want one.

25 April: What is on my book jacket of my life? Please read a different book. This one is not complete.

24 April: Do I like spicy food? Yes. I had General Tso’s chicken for lunch. Do I regret it? Sometimes.

21 April: Don’t talk about religion or politics. They are horribly boring.

20 April: Write a post with all the colours. I’ll do it in a few sentences. This prompt made me less red with anger and more blue with sadness. I wanted to write a post that would make everyone green with envy, but the lacklusterness of this made me want to drink that orange Kickstart again. I just remembered there’s a song called “Yellow.” Isn’t that guy from Princess Bride named Indigo? Speaking of movies, there’s a girl named Violet Beauregarde in the Choco Factory. Johnny Depp.

18 April: Karma is a real thing?! PHAHA! No. It isn’t.

28 March: Best food? Chocolate

5 April: I am usually half asleep at noon. Here’s my thought: Fraiser is probably on television.

12 February: This Quarter is from 1985. I wasn’t born.

22 February: With that plot of land, I’d make a mini Villa Park and never let anyone on it besides me t practice my football. Screw the local park and their catering to lacrosse.

18 March: What’s the difference between a Squirtle and a Bulbasaur? One is a water type and the other kicks grass. What? It didn’t say it had to be a funny joke.

19 March: An Excellent Video

19 April: 1 star. This movie is incomplete? Does he get married? Does he get a full time job? Does he die?! 1 star for the awesome soundtrack.

17 March: Chocolate.

6 February: Las Vegas. Nothing appeals to me there. Hot, gambling, and illegal stuff? No thanks. I wasn’t even a fan of it when it was of the New variety .


That’s enough words. Hey kids, thanks for my prompt run through. Link to the prompts. They are by date.


SIDE REMARK: My one post gets a lot of views because of Jack Grealish’s hair. Thanks people looking for his hair style. Also, I’m happy my drink reactions are getting some views too.