Hey Rad Blog! Time for another drink reaction thing. I’m feeling kinda slugish, so I hope this Kickstart will do something for me.

So, I previously 2 other flavours of Kickstar. I saw this at the grocery store for a dollar. It seems like it is actual size too which is better than the coconut one I tried a while ago. 1 dollar for this? They had a bunch too so I might go get the other flavours to try it in the coming week. I’m a busy Chas these days so we’ll see.


So, I didn’t like the other ones I tried. The Orange one, according to my brother, is the worst. He said this one is okay, but not the best. I usually like limeade so I have hope for this can. Mountain Dew is usually green so by this logic I hope that this is gonna be good and they don’t mess it up too badly.

Like I said, this was a dollar but I think these things go for like 2 or 3 bucks depending where you are. Getting this for a dollar is good stuff. Not as good as the AriZona huge can for a dollar, but I think this is gonna have an extra kick in it while AriZona’s was probably more watered down. No worries!

What’s in it? I’m sure a ton of stuff I can’t pronounce. Lemme get the can.

Ingredients: carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, white grape juice concentrated, citric acid, natural flavor, sodium hexametaphosphate, salt, gum arabic, caffeine, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, potassium citrate, potassium chloride, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, glycerol ester of rosin, calcium disodium edta, sucrose acetate isobutyrate, yellow 5.


No…Lime….JUICE?!??! What is this?! It has grape juice but no lime?! Come on Mountain Dew! How can you make limeade without limes? Natural flavors? Uh huh. There’s nothing more vague than the phrase “natural flavors.”


This isn’t looking good for this. No limes. I’m sure it will taste of straight of medicine.


Serving size is 1 can so you get 80 calories from this. surprisingly, only 250 mg of potassium in this when every other freakin ingredient is potassium something-ate. Not a significant source of Vitamin C or A? Uh huh. This is already crap.  There is very little room for redemption for this. Even the orange and the mango-pineapple one had at least 50% in it. You’re telling me that this, limeade, has so little it isn’t worth the ink to put on the can? Pitiful.

It doesn’t say to shake. I feel like I should. I’m gonna examine it a little more before I open it. Nope. It says “Electrolytes for taste” on it. What does that even mean?

Might as well open it. I’m on the living room computer today because I felt like it. Gotta open it away from it. It is kinda cramped here.

Poured it in my review/reaction glass. It looks like a lighter version of Mountain Dew. It kinda looks odd. It is half way to Mountain Dew and half way to Sprite (I’m sorry, Sierra Mist. This is a Pepsi product). It has that yellow tint of Mountain Dew.


The smell is okay. It is a faint hint of lemon-lime soda. That’s all I get from it. Hmm. Maybe a tiny bit of medicine-like smell too?


Okay. I guess I should taste this. Please be good and not bad.




Total medicine taste right out of the gate and it runs until the end. There’s a small taste of lemon-lime, but it might as well not be there. It is like fizzy water with medicine. It isn’t as bad because there’s no coconut, but it is bad because it is not limeade. This does not at all taste like limeade. There’s no sour/sweet that makes a good limeade. This is like if I put alka-seltzer in watered down Sprite. That’s what I think of this.


Yeah. I’m not fond of this one. At least I’m sorta used to the medicine taste or this one doesn’t have a strong taste of it like the others, but it is totally there.


I would say avoid this. If it is a dollar and you need a kick, maybe look for a different flavored one. Limeade is great, but this is not limeade. It doesn’t even have lime in it.


I can’t rate this highly for that reason. I’ll have to give it a 6:00 AM out of Rad.


POST MARKS! I just saw on the can that it says “sparkling juice drink” uh huh. “Juice drink.” Real sneaky, Mountain Dew. It doesn’t say which kind. They meant grape.